[HELP]Best $15 server hoster?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by kickbutt101, Mar 13, 2012.

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    Hi, ive had a server that was quite good for minecraft, but it closed down ):
    I got 15 US/Australian dollars to spend on a server,
    Please help, what is the best $15 worth server hoster
    (I think Envious hosting (https://www.envioushost.com/)and daddy cheese (http://daddycheese.com/index.php) hosting looks good,)

    Requirements: Bukkit, around 1gb ram, able to hold 10-25 people and online control panel

    Plz tell me what $15 server hoster is best! Thanks
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    I find a 1gb server holding even 10 people hard to believe.
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    Nathan C

    envioushost.com looks horrible, there website loads slower than if I homehosted my website off of a a Pentium 2.

    Yes, I hear daddychese is good though.

    EDIT: I see you live in Australia. In that case, ONLY choose an Australian host (if you can find them), because pings are way too high for servers out of your country and you will lag.
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    I had a 20 slot server and i got 20 people on it, not alot of lag
    I had a European server which worked good...
    And yeah didnt realise how much lag envious hosts had XD
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    I dont think you saw
    I got 15 US/Australian dollars
    and I forgot to say I want a minecraft server hoster, for minecraft, not a online server hoster I can use for minecraft (But thanks :D)
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    i have a 1.5gb server with beastnode.com and they it holds 40 people. so ram vs players, all comes down to if you haved 10 plugins or 300 plugins
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    beastnode.com does lok good, but il probably go with daddycheese,
    thanks for your help :D
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    I currently am a CO-Owner on a server that runs off DaddyCheese and I would HIGHLY recommend it.. Its Fast, responsive, and dependable... defiantly go with DaddyCheese!
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    joshua katz

    Just buy a linode, you will get the best performance there. [http://www.linode.com/] Or buy something from joe's data center. [http://joesdatacenter.com/Virtual_Servers.html]

    Iv found kimsufi 's servers to have out of date hardware and price for what you get. Ovh also gives you the bone in my opinion.

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    Well i bought daddycheese and it works great :) thanks for your help all
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    Sorry, but i don't understand what you want to say :( (i don't speak english very well).
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