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    Hey guys, i'm looking for a plugin that allows people to make a iron helm with a torch in the middle like so, where O = iron ignot and X = torch:


    After created the helm can be equipped and the player itself will shine like a torch does, so when you wear the helm in the dark; you always have light surrounding you.

    Preferably i'd like this to work with permissionEX as well, that only players with the permission can use/make one, but this is optional.

    If anyone can make this, i'd be very happy and gratefull <3


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    Would you want this to be a custom item from Spout?
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    Uhm; I do not use sprout on my server; If it is not available to ''add'' new items into the game normaly; you could replace a item like leather cap or something; Or replace gold helm, and make the item constructed out of 5 golds & 1 torch.
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    You cannot add recipes, items etc. in a Bukkit server without Spout and Spoutcraft installed I think.
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    yeah u r right, you can add new recipes for existing items but you can't add new items without spout
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    Well like i said: Gold helmets (as any other golden item) serves no purpose at.. If you can write the plugin so that it replaces the Gold Helm to a Gold-Flash-Helm, it'll work just fine!
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    The only way I can think of lighting the player's area while they're walking is this:

    define a hashmap locations<Player, Location>
    define a hashmap torches <Player, boolean>
    PlayerListener for PlayerMoveEvent {
        if the player's x,y,z is not equal to that in the hashmap {
            if the player is wearing a golden helmet {
                if we placed a torch at their old location, remove it
                if there's a torch at their new location {
                    if the block at their feet is AIR {
                        put a torch at their feet;
                        torches.put(Player, true);
                } else {
                    torches.put(Player, false);
    This is very rough, and you will need to do more work such as saving all of the torches that have been placed into a hashmap or something so they can be removed when the server restarts. However, that's a basic outline of how I would do it with what I have - no Spout, only Bukkit.
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    You cannot add new items without Spoutcraft, unless you have a mod installed on the craftbukkit server, which everybody would have to download that wanted to join your server. Also, you failed to read the rules of the plugin requesting section. Also, I would direct you to this link, which is literally the first sticky in this section: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/read-first-what-can-plugins-do.22780/

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