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    First of I would like 3 Major Plugins!
    First Is a Chat
    Plugin category: Chat
    Suggested name: WorldChat+

    What I want: able to have a seperate chat per world and then do /g to cast global message like say i wanted to say hi all in everyworld i would do /g Hi all not /g then "chat button" hi all and /chatspy to See all world chats and a custom chats like /donortell (message) same as /g and then same with donortell except something also like /staffspeak or /stafftell

    Ideas for commands: /g or /global, /chatspy, /donorspeak and /staffspeak

    Ideas for permissions: worldchatplus.global , worldchatplus.chatspy, worldchatplus.speak.donor and worldchatplus.speak.staff

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    2nd A hellblock Plugin Like hellblock .net i have the tools but i want a lava generator and a netherack gen so and oly to be able to be used in one world say hellworld

    Plugin category: IDK Custom Generator
    Suggested name: Hellblock/NetherackGen
    What I want: Netherack generator <Removed advertising - Necrodoom> and the lava gen also like that also glowtree were u right click glowstone on soul sand it plants a type of sapling and u use a flit to grow it
    Ideas for commands: None
    Ideas for permissions:None it just doing pyciscs
    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    3Rd A Whole New idea

    Plugin category:Idl
    suggested name: EndBlock
    What I want: Mnmmnmn A End Stone Gen From Water Make like a netherack gen in 2
    and tools like crafting with replace a stick w/ a blaze rod replace say cobblestone with endblock and make a stone sword with sharpness 1 unbreaking 1 and basicly same w pick but cobble pick with efficency 1 and unbreaking 1 Like glowtrees but when you have a cobweb u put it on obsiadian and then u get it with a flint to grow
    Ideas for commands: none
    Ideas for permissions: None
    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    not meaning to ask for a Dev but if someone does this i would ask them for the job

    <Removed double post - Bumping is only allowed every 24 hours - Necrodoom
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    at the first: there are some plugins have you used the plugin search for things like: 'chat' 'worldchat' or anything?
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