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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Retrosize, May 2, 2014.

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    Hello there, I'm having some problems with the hearts. I currently have the code all set out just that the hearts always go into decimals and never exactly round up nor down. I've tried the whole killer.getHealth()/2.0
    ^ Of course with having a variable that's killer
    but still no luck, any help?

    ;DR: How do I round hearts?
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    Hearts are displayed in increments of 1, 1 increment = 1 half heart. As for rounding decimals you can use Math.round(value) and it will round it, or Math.floor(value) to round down and Math.ciel(value) to round up.
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    Do iFamasssxD 's thing or if you want to see how it's working vvv
    Get the double as a string, use the "." as the split and then if number after the "." is 5 or greater add 1 to the first number and if not then just use the number in front go the "." BUT I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND USING iFamasssxD 's METHOD AS THIS IS MUCH MORE COMPLICATED AND YOU ARE CONSTANTLY SWITCHING VARIABLE TYPES

    String -> 6.2
    Split at "."
    Double.valueOf("6") and Double.valueOf("2")
    2<5 thus we do not add 1 to 6
    Use first number 6
    6 is rounded number
    Get the Double.valueOf("6")

    String -> 20.6
    Split at "."
    Double.valueOf("20") and Double.valueOf("6")
    6>5 thus we do 20+1 =21
    Use 21
    21 is rounded number.
    Get the Double.valueOf("21")
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