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    I am looking for a plugin that is compatible with http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lightsource/ that can make headlights for miners. The idea is that to make a miner's helmet you first must craft a golden helmet then add a torch to in in the crafting recipe that will last for a amont of time.
    The idea is the more torches you add the brighter the light will be and the longer it will last. To indicate how much time is left the damage bar will show the torch life left. The golden helmet have 314 uses so when adding a torch it will grow in durability which means more light and longer torch life. If the helmet reach a stage where its 1 hit away from breaking it will just be put in your inventory so you can refill it with torches again. If you take it off when it have torch life left it wont tick down. 1 durability is the same as 1 second so 314 (max durability) is something like 5 minutes. Every torch adds 30 seconds to the helmet and for each time you add a torch it will be brigher. When holding something that gives light that is configured by the plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lightsource/ it will dominate the miners helmet if it have stronger light value. When the player gets hit by something the light life will go down by 5 everytime.
    torch life (durability):
    - 0 >30: light radius 3
    - 31 > 60: Light radius 4
    - 61 > 90: Light radius 5
    - 91 > 120: Light radius: 6
    - 121 > 150: Light radius: 7
    - 151 > 180: Light radius: 8
    - 181 > 210: Light radius: 9
    - 211 > 240: Light radius: 10
    - 241 > 270: Light radius: 11
    - 271 > 300: Light radius: 12
    - 301 > 314: Light radius: 13
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