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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MoejoeAw44, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Not sure.

    Suggested name: pTrack

    What I want: I understand there is already that tracking plugin out there, but I tried it on my server, and it has some major issues for the most part. The way a player is tracked is all wacked up. Basically if I track someone, the output message spits is wrong for where the player actually is.

    I'm not about to explain how the plugin works if the page already exists, all I request is after you read that to apply that the farthest you can track is 768 blocks (Due to my server, it needs to be that or less). Maybe a config for max blocks?

    ( http://bukkit.org/threads/fun-misc-tracking-plugin-v0-1-track-players-1-1-r6.26915/ )

    P.S x2: First thing I'm saying, is I'm not making an MCPvP rip off server, I'm merely asking for this plugin to complete my custom gamemode. Please no prefixes for the messages that get send to players, simply &7 (gray) text.
    (Other part to PS), You could possibly just use a good portion of the code from the plugin, or even decompile it, look for an issue, then fix it, then add the 768 block max. :p


    Ideas for commands: /track all, /track [player]

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: ASAP!
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    BUMP. Please, this would mean the world to me, <3
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    I'll try it. How do you want it to tell you how far away someone is? Like "{Person} is <x> blocks away
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    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get a notification from this post.
    If you look at the plugin, it should send the message to a player like
    NORTH (25): MoeXIV
    EAST (25): MoeXIV
    SOUTH (25):
    WEST (25):

    If I'm standing North East, from the player typing the command, it comes up like that, showing that I'm somewhere NorthEast of the person tracking. The #25 beside the North, East, South West, is how far the tracker travels. Each obsidian block is 25 blocks. If I have 2 obsidian blocks in each arm, it would say (50). I want it to go to a max of 750, or the closest multiple.

    @Rufus5 All the information is on this page, the original post.

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  8. I've seen many tracking on the bukkit forums. Try look for another one?
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    There are non that do what I'm asking.

    I need one that limits the amount of blocks it can track.
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