Solved Having problems with giving new players a starter kit

Discussion in 'General Help' started by KitsuneBoy, Apr 10, 2017.

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    Hi guys and gals, I am having problems giving new players a starter kit when they first join my server. I have the latest version of craftbukkit installed along with Essentials and PermissionsEX and Vault.

    Also just incase they are conflicting I also have GriefPrevention and Citizens2 installed.

    This is really annoying me because I am not new to Minecraft as I used to run a vanilla Minecraft server, just new to craftbukkit and I thought it would be easier to learn and set up than this.

    The problems that I am having are:
    • The system is not spawning new players WITH the starterpack kit already equipped
    • Players have to use the following to equip the kit: /kit starterpack [minecraft_username]
    • When players use the above command, it gives them the kit even if they have already had it
    When the kit is requested using /kit starterpack [minecraft_username] all items are delivered to the player and automatically equipped and all meta data (names, lore etc) displays correctly. However, I want the system to automatically spawn new players with the kit already equipped and I don't want players to get the kit more than once.

    Turned on setting to skip used onetime kits in Essentials config.yml file
    My kit as defined in Essentials config.yml file
    Turned on setting to make new users spawn with starterpack kit
    Set permissions in permissions.yml under the PermissionsEX plugins folder

    Also for troubleshooting purposes, here are the full .yml files

    permissions.yml found in the PermissionsEX folder under the Plugins folder
    config.yml for Essentials found in the Essentials folder under the Plugins folder

    for testing out my settings the connection details for my server are

    Hope you guys and gals can help me sort out the problem

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    Thanks that worked, I can't believe I missed that one line of code XD. I guess the sandman catches us all eh LOL
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    Your welcome! Just make sure to mark this thread as solved !
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    I will do but can you tell me how to do that as i don't seem to see the solved option
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