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    Plugin category: Fun, Mechanics

    Suggested name: Guns

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin where the player can use certain items (preferably configurable) to shoot eggs each one can have a set damages (example: one gun shoots an egg that does 2 hearts damage the other shoots a 5 heart damage) the player will have to have the permission to use the block as a gun, otherwise the block will just act as it would without the plugin

    how the guns would act: the player would right click to shoot the gun after the gun runs out of its clip the player will then have to left-click to reload. Then the gun shoots again. A cool feature to add would be the clip being the damage for the tool, so when the clip is half empty the tool's damage meter is half damaged

    if you dont want to make a config it's totally fine here are some quick ideas for guns

    wooden hoe: Shoots 1 egg every second, clip size 10, reload time 3 (damage 1 heart per egg hit)

    iron hoe: shoots 3 eggs in rapid succession. can be shot every 2 seconds (kinda like a burst weapon) clip size 9, reload time 5 seconds (damage 2 hearts per hit)

    diamond hoe:Shoots 3 eggs in rapid succession. can be shot every second, clip size 18, reload time 3 seconds (damage 4 hearts per hit)

    Ideas for commands: /guns off/on (this is so the tools can still be used) otherwise no commands to use the guns.

    Ideas for permissions:
    gun.wood (for wooden hoe gun)
    gun.iron (iron hoe gun)
    gun.diamond (diamond hoe gun)

    When I'd like it by: Anytime is fine, the sooner the better! Thanks for reading
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