Guests Allow to Build in a specified Area?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by StolleJay, Dec 23, 2011.

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    i have a little Question. How i can make this that Guests they have Normal no Build Rights to Allow this Group to Build only in a specified Area i have set with WorldGuard?

    I hope you can help me :)
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    /region flag GuestsMayGriefHereREGION build true
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    I dont know what you mean with "GuestsMayGriefHereREGION" is this the Group or what is this?
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    He wants you to use that region flag on the area you set for guests. "GuestsMayGriefHereREGION" being the name you set for the area.
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    When i make this...

    1. /region def guestarea g:guest
    2. /region flag guestarea build allow (true is not possible)

    then comes by the Guest "You have no permissions to Build here."
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    Nobody an idea how this works? :(
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    Can any help please? :(
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