Groupmanager- Users keep getting moved to default ever minute!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MrDragonbreathr, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Guys I really need dang help. Every since I made two worlds have different ranks, the ranks keep getting moved to default when I move someone to another group! If you need anything, like my config, ask below. Other than that, I have no other problems with GroupManager. Also, adding someone to Owner doesn't change them back- however any other group does :\
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    Here they are. I looked up a tutorial so I doubt I did anything wrong with that

    Well, considering I have everything setup, and PermissionsEX doesn't support multiple world ranks. I'm much more comfortable with groupmanager. Please don't tell me to use a different permissions plugin because that doesn't help me problem.

    Here they are. I looked up a tutorial so I doubt I did anything wrong with that
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    I would suggest using permissionsex instead of groupmanager.
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    Not sure why people recommend an unstable plugin over a stable one.
    Restore save settings to default, a save to file is needed to keep your stuff safe, and that number is way too big.
    Also, did you make sure that the groupnames in the worlds are the same?
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    I've been using permissionex for as long as I can remember and have never had any issues. I'm not sure where you are getting instability issues.
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    please tell me what worlds you are changing these people to. because the last 2 worlds arent mirrored in groups, so that might be it.

              - users
              - users
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    Never mind everyone I fixed the problem. If anyone else is having this problem, you have to add the groups that you have in your parents world to ALL your children world. For example, if you have-

    - users
    - groups
    Then you must add the groups that you hve in skyblock, into factions. If anyone is still not clear and is having a problem, ask me.
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    I know that your Group Manager is fixed. But be expected for further errors with it. I suggest Pex (PermissionsEx)
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    Well... then.. thats what i said xD
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    Shilofax XpertHax Guys, I know that you prefer Pex, but please stop recommending it to people who only want help with their GM files. Unless someone actually says they're not happy with their permissions plugin and are considering changing, then just keep your preferences to yourself. It's inconsiderate to push a plugin on someone that they don't really want.
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    XpertHax and Shilofax suggesting differerent permissions plugins is not the best way to solve problems, if you have nothing useful to say please don't say anything.

    Fix that # in saves, it may exceed the limit of the java double.
    Also double check that the world names match the groupmanager config names.
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    Some of us have longer memories, and most of them involving PEX aren't too good.
    Hm, Mbaxter has written a good guide explaining why PEX was terrible, but this was a few years ago and is since outdated, but if you want to look at it to see part of the reason why people have an axe to grind when it comes to PEX, it's available here:

    That has since been updated to:

    As mentioned in the updated document, most of the flaws that existed have been fixed.
    I still use GroupManager, simply because it's what I'm familiar with and I prefer the way it handles permissions over other plugins, and I'm usually a little reticent to deal with something that burned me in the past. ;)

    It also seems that the Essentials team provides updated (dev versions) of their plugins at a much faster rate than the other permission plugin developers, most of which are usually reasonably stable.
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