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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheSilverSpade, Apr 14, 2017.

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    Hey, Im lazy, Can someone make me a plugin for groupmanager so i can go /group and it pops open a gui
    with clickable changeable items that will allow you to
    Make Group
    Edit Group
    Add Prefix
    Add Suffix
    Add Permission
    Add Inheritance
    You name the stuff because the gui closes and tells you to type in chat, so for permissions it will say
    "Type the permissions you want to give {Group} (Seperate them with commas)
    EG: Player types: essentials.kit.test, essentials.warp
    Allowing color codes and such,

    Suggested Name

    /group reload


    Message file for every message
    This will make it easier to add groups

    Version 1.8.9
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    I would do it if you were to use PEX.
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    Jesus Christ I litterally Stated in the first sentance i will not use pex, its horible, why did you even respond?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TheSilverSpade @Firestar311 You guys do realize that you can do this with Vault and handle all permission plugins at the same time right?
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    What do you mean? I want a gui, vault doesnt have one
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    @TheSilverSpade What timtower is saying ist that whoever creates the plugin can use Vault instead of using just GroupManager or PEX as Vault can handle all of it
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    Well I like Group Manager and i want a gui to help with it, Thats why i made this forum post
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @TheSilverSpade Vault is a plugin that allows developers to create plugins for all permission plugins without looking into specific ones.
    Groupmanager would be supported as well as they would use it.
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    Oh ok I wasnt aware as i have no experiance coding, which is why I asked someone else for it

    Anyone willing to do it?
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    I want someone to make a gui for me, with the abillity to take permissions that you type in chat and add them to a group so i an quickly edit/make a group really fast
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    @TheSilverSpade Doing it in the config is faster than doing it in game. I have tested doing this before with chestcommands and ones like that and was slower than doing it in game.
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    Everyones different, the config gets me really confused sometimes, I would really like someone to just make me the plugin instead of Arguing about what way is better
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    @TheSilverSpade For one, arguing shouldn't be capitalized and secondly, no one is arguing.
  15. I might take a shot at it... Will see how much time I'll have...

    If you still need it that is...

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    @TheSilverSpade editing inside config is the best method. If you don't know how to configure, this may help you out.

    Using commands included in the plugin is an alternative method.

    I believe no one have tried to configure a permission plugin with GUI, so I cannot ensure that whether it is good or bad method. But I believe it can mess u up much more, and you will configure the permission plugin very slow, because you are traveling a ton of inventories to configure different options, which may have delays between each travel, if using a gui.

    I can make it for u, but probably no update after release.
  17. Im currently working on 100% customizable gui manager... I could make a version for @TheSilverSpade

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    That would be great, it would be for GM?
  19. Im currently working on 100% customizable one... It'd take some setting up, but yeah, im gonna make everything customizable though gui...
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    Sweet, let me know when its done ;)
  21. As of now, I've made working customizable gui, but you have to customize it through config... Currently working on gui config manipulation. ;) will let you know when it's done for beta release ;)
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    Sweet thanks
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