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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by MagiElsker, Aug 11, 2015.

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    For some reason, after updating my server from 1.7.9 to 1.8.8, and updating all of my plugins to the latest 1.8 versions, my GroupManager seems to be missing something.

    In the old version of the game, my players of all ranks were able to use teleports and warps. But after updating, it seems only moderators and admins can - players/members cannot. I already tried adding essentials.warps* and the other essentials.teleport strings to the member permissions list in the yml file, but it keeps failing.

    Here's a copy of the error file I'm getting.

    I know, from customer service on my server provider, that the executable is trying to do something with the "groups" line, but can't because of a "block end" that somehow connects to line 13.

    Here's a copy of the coding in the GroupManager's globalgroups.yml file.

    If you guys could decode and explain what I'm missing here, that'd be wonderful.
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    Format errors on:
    Line 156
    Line 274

    95% of YML Parsing errors allow identifying the type of error, or the general location of the error with a narrow scope of position within a file relative to error-lines noted. This was not one, and required just scrutinizing the whole file.
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    I fixed those errors, but it didn't seem to fix anything.

    The errors my members are getting is "You are not allowed to use that command."

    Is it something in my other permissions plugins? I have PermissionsEx as well, but 'passthrough' is set to true so no one should be prevented from using any commands enabled for members.
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    would need to see a clean startup log sequence - restart (not /reload) the server, pastebin the latest.log file, for a look-see to be sure there aren't other issues at work or still errors in permissions systems, conflicting plugins, etc
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    Its the globalgroups.yml file that is STILL broken according to that log

    Lines 14-16 shouldn't be there - they are meaningless relationship data that is breaking the file, IF you made the other corrections already
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    You just switched from working through errors in GroupManager to out-of-the-blue throwing permissions-Ex files at us?
    You can only have one permission manager program on the server, not both. Our fault for not actually catching that in your log (obvious errors draw attention away from spotting other things, apparently)

    Determine what action to take: Fix the fixs I specified in my last post to your groupmanager globalgroups file, and delete permissionsEX, or scrap groupmanager, and do everything all over again to use PEX as your permission handler and put the permissions and ranks into that program config the way that PEX files require being formatted. Then report back with what issues you have
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    Sorry, the moderator above had asked for my PermissionsEx files.

    I fixed the specs in the globalgroups.yml file, no change. I think I'm just going to do away with GroupManager completely, since it's causing so many conflicts.

    Oh you know what, I just checked my server's log again and it instructed that permissions will not work unless I install Vault.

    That'd explain a lot.

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    vault is not required for permissions to work... vault is a bridge for permissions / economy / chat features for other plugins, so a specific plugin may have issues without vault, but not the server.
    2) You cant have more than 1 permission system on the server at a time anyways (PEX and groupmanager, bpermissions ... two or more at a time = internal failures and conflicts. Only one permission manager can be present
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    Nevermind, that did absolutely nothing beneficial.

    Back to removing GroupManager.
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    Time to actually see what you're up against. Please pastebin the entire logs/latest.log file IN FULL following a restart . not /reload.. File, not console.
    We'll see what other factors you're up against, what plugins might be calling interference, what versions might be grossly wrong, etc...
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    You have Exactly Zero chat-formatting plugins on your server.
    Edit: That wasn't your complaint... You are using PEX and have Exactly Zero errors from it being parsed.

    Thus.. you have no formatting/relationship errors in PEX

    You have essentials, your warping plugin...

    Going to have to post your PEX permissions.yml file again as you currently have it now...

    on a different note:
    [03:14:05] [Server thread/WARN]: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/ /tmp/ failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted

    This means that you do not seem to have permission to write this location. You are likely using a commercially hosted server, and your host has not configured their systems correctly, resulting in this error. This will prevent any mysqllite databases from working on your server.
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    try doing these steps:
    1. DELETE GroupManager.
    2. Install PermisisonsEx
    3. DO NOT USE THE PERMISSIONS FILE TO MAKE YOUR PERMISSIONS only proffesionals can do that :p try coding inside your minecraft tho.
    if you cannot use the /pex help command follow These steps:
    1. go to your console
    2. type pex group create OWNER (or owner)
    3. do pex group OWNER add '*'
    4. after you do that type pex group OWNER user add {yourname}

    Now you can add yourself a prefix and all these stuff XD

    Hope it helped!
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    Foolish advise

    Delete the groupmanager config file - its corrupt but has nothing of value in it, let the plugin regenerate it.
    Then you can use your permission files you made earlier
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