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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Madster456, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. I use groupManager, and my ranks all got messed up the other day. I need ranks and the colors for there prefixes set. I can do the perms.
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    LOL! Not only is this post totaly ignoreing the help posting guidelines he's flogging "VIP" status to his crummy (So I assume) server! (apparently worth 10 whole dollars!)

    You might wanna tell the good people here what you need help with... Just stating "set up groupManager!" helps no one help you.
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    How do i post one of these help messages?! :eek:
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    Maybe the guide about permissions can help you finding out what is wrong? check it out in the link below. common errors with groupmanager/permissions:

    - tabs in stead of spaces
    - too many spaces: begin file (0), group names (2), properties (4), extra's (6)
    - wrong permission nodes, always check the nodes on the dev page/wiki of the plugins.
    - "groups" and "users" don't start with a capitol letter!

    hope this helped? zip =)
  5. ok.
    1: you didnt need to be rude, did i ask you for this information? no, i asked for help.

    2: my server at all is not "Crummy" my team has been working on it for a month now. thank you very much

    oh and thanks btw, that "whole ten dollars" will be going to charity. All money earned from my server for the first 6 months is going to charity.

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    Daniel Heppner

    What charity?
  7. Havnt decided yet. but im 100% honest about sending all money from the first 6 months to charity.
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    Well if you accept donations and say that.. And you choose not to in the end. You can face legal action if anyone who donated to that cause cares enough to do something about it.

    So be careful what you say your donations are to be used for.
  9. I know about this. Donating all the money to charity is what i plan to do.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I don't see the point in this, if your players wanted to donate to a charity, then they should just do that instead of going through you. They donate to a server owner to support the server, not a charity.
  11. fine. Thanks guys, just trying to do something good. never mind about donating. Good thing no one has donated cuss its not set up yet, but ok.
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    Daniel Heppner

    It's a great idea, but perhaps instead you can encourage people to donate directly to the charity. Again, not that it's a bad idea, it's just kind of pointless.
  13. its just another way to help out a donation, and, we both know, lots of people donate, but then again, lots dont. So my thinking from this was that when people donate they get a higher rank, and i send it all. It just seems like a better way to raise money instead of just telling them to. AND i still need help with GM
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    Daniel Heppner

    If you offer something, then it might work. Actually, that would work fairly well. But just being a proxy between the donators and the charity wouldn't work.
    As for GM, try out soemthing else like bPermissions.
  15. No, cuss i dont like any other perms, and yes, when they donate, money goes to charity, and they get like 50 more commands and stuff. but idk if i want to do it now..
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    Calm down. If you have to, just use a separate coloring plugin like ColorMe, it used to have a sister plugin called Prefixer but they may be merged now. It's what I do.
  17. I need someone to set ranks/ladder. And do the colors..
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    Daniel Heppner

    Use bPermissions and I'd be very happy to help you.
  19. Does it have in game commads?

    so i can like set all perms and ranks/colors from the game.

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    Daniel Heppner

  21. If i get it right now can you help me?
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    Daniel Heppner

    Do you have Skype?
  23. yes.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Pm me about it.
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    o_0 How can a server admin who thinks a superficial "rank" in his server is worth 10 bucks be so lazy?

    But if your main post was what I quoted in the first place I probably wouldn't have posted... (then again the whole "VIP" thing HAD to have some snarky commentary thrown at it)

    So essentially you are lazy and you want people to do your dirty work.

    Fair enough, I couldn't be shitted setting up any hierarchies bigger then 3 levels... On my server it's just Moderator and Default...and of course me OP.

    Damn... I should have offered to "help" and make my self a pseudo moderator with all (*) plugin privlages and cause some havok... Especially if you had world edit!
    But I'm not THAT big of a dick and frankly I'm too lazy too pull off such a heist.
  26. who said i was "lazy" ? And my dirty work? No. i have been trying to use and set up ranks for over a month, im not "Lazy", thank you. But since i could not get it, you know, i came to the bukkit HELP section, where you can ask for HELP. But thanks for the input. Not.

    Also, i dont need anyone to set permissions, like i have said many times, i just need help with rank ladders, and prefix colors. I set perms, no one else.

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