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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DrizzleYT, Apr 17, 2016.

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    On my server I have multiple worlds, And my main one Works fine everything is the way i want it to be as far as Ranks and Permissions go with group manager, Although im using multiverse and im trying to get the same Ranks and permissions to transfer over to each world i can do this easily but the problem im having is i have to /manuadd the player for each single world and im not exactly sure how to make players remain in the same group throughout multiverse world teleportation
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    the groupname hast to be exactly the same, otherwise the player will be put to the default group when he teleports to a different world
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    @DrizzleYT You can use the 'mirrors' section of GroupManager config to achieve this. If you want to have world1, world2, and world3 share the same permissions then you would set:
              - world2
              - world3
    Now you only need to use the commands for 1 world and the permissions will be synchronized.
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    Hello And thank you for your help it works Amazing i have another question though all the groups are therea dn everything But when they join the one world they are put in the default group {Member} so i have to manuadd them to their proper rank ,after i do so i dont have to worry about it again but how do i make it so that all people in the main world say {Donor} will go into that world for the first time and Remain {Donor} without being set to {Member} in that world
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