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    a town219

    On my server, i have a shop that only V.I.P players can use, but i have just enabled shop use for all other groups. To prevent normal players from entering or using the vip chestshop i need a new plugin that can only let people in a certain group enter the area, or make it so that only a certain group can use that shop. Is there a plugin that can do that for the group area restriction? Or can sombody please help me setup the chest shop for my vips? Not just the command node but EXACTLY how to set it up and stuff.
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    I believe you can do this with Command Book's per-chunk banning feature. It makes it so that only certain players can enter a certain region of the map. Other than that im not sure.
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    a town219

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    Quite a few ways to do it really. My favourite though:
    Get Falsebook (or commandbook, but I prefer false) and Controllerblock.
    Using Falsebook, set up a sensor with the sign like this

    - the lever links onto the controllerblock. The controllerblock removes some blocks, allowing the player in.

    That way, when a VIP approaches the door will nicely open for them, but not for other players. This is a simple setup - a normal player COULD follow the VIP in. If you're good with redstone you can block that, but I wont go into detail.

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