Grief Prevention won't work with multiverse plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jelk414, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I just installed then multiverse plugin. I am so happy that it work so i go in with my golden shovel and it says "Land Claims are disabled in this world. The thing is it work in my first main spawn. What do i do?
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    Khan Jal

    Open up the config.yml under GriefPreventionData and add your world name to Worlds under Claims.

    Make sure to restart and you should be able to use GriefPrevention there.
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    You could try a different world plugin called MultiWorld.
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    MultiWorld doesn't change the problem in any way.
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    Can you give us your config? works for that
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    thx for that i had spent 1 hour getting multiverse-core and multiverse-portals and when i did get it i made a new world and i tried to claim some with a shovel and the first thing it done was say "lan claims are disabled on this world " and so i spent another half an hour trying to find out what to do and i was getting really annoyed untill i found what you said i done it and restarted the server and it worked and i was very happy so again thank you very much for you help bye
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    I have the opposite problem, I have created a couple words with multiverse-core and want to disable land claiming in them can somebody tell me how to do that. this is what my config.yml for multiverse-core looks like:
    # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #
    # This is the MV2 Config. If you mess it up, copy the values out #
    # delete it, and it will be regenerated. Then use the ingame interface #
    # to add your values back via the "/mv conf" command. #
    # When in-game, simply type: "/mv conf ?" for help. #
    # A config with explanations can be found here: #
    # #
    # #
    # #
    # #
    # Do NOT delete this line from your config!!!! #
    # ==: com.onarandombox.MultiverseCore.MultiverseCoreConfiguration #
    # #
    # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #

    ==: com.onarandombox.MultiverseCore.MultiverseCoreConfiguration
    enforceaccess: 'false'
    prefixchat: 'true'
    teleportintercept: 'true'
    firstspawnoverride: 'true'
    displaypermerrors: 'true'
    globaldebug: '0'
    messagecooldown: '5000'
    version: '2.9'
    firstspawnworld: world
    teleportcooldown: '1000'
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