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    Pat :O

    Plugin Category: Any

    Suggested Name: Greek'sPlugin

    What I want: I would really like a plugin (Like prison plugin) That you could levelup to another rank with kills. The ranks that should go in order will be down later in the post!

    I would like it so that it would be counted as kill points and that you can do /levelup to level up to the strongest greek god!

    Agressive Mobs Count as 1 point
    Players Count as 10 points!

    I really would Like to have this plugin! I have the kits and ranks done, I just need something like this!
    Ranks (in order) and how many points to level up:

    WeakGod (Default) to level up 100
    God to level up 250
    Hestia to level up 500
    Hephaestus to level up 1000
    Hera to level up 2000
    Demeter to level up 4000
    Apollo to level up 8000
    Aphrodite to level up 10,000
    Hermes to level up 25,000
    Artemis to level up 50,000
    Athena to level up 100,000
    Ares to level up 200,000
    Hades to level up 500,000
    Poseidon to level up 1000,000
    Zeus (Nothing higher!)

    These are *The Olympians* of greek myth and so they are put in order, The kits I've made makes it possible to get the kills and /levelup and mostly it's not all about the killing people/mobs about this plugin, I have downloaded another plugin which you can make clans, (But this has nothing to do with this plugin) So it is just like that I guess! Just you lose all your points when you /levelup

    Please someone make a plugin for me like this! I really will give all credit to you!
    Also If you do not understand what I want please just ask I will try and explain better.

    Ideas For Commands: /levelup And I don't think theres anything else?

    Ideas For Permissions: I have no idea? Do we even need one though?

    When I'd Like It By: ASAP Please! But don't rush yourself!

    Thanks In Advance!
  2. Pat :O Do you need it infront of the name? (I have never done that...)
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    Pat :O

    I don't fully understand sorry? I mean I have made the ranks already

    I just need a way for them to rank up manually when they have enough kill points. So I need kinda like a counter so you know exactly how many points you have. But if you can't do that, Then you don't have to do infront of the name you can do it like this? E.G [Aphrodite] Patrikano0: Hi, or else I already have ranks done.
  4. Pat :O You have just think about the ranks, or have you already added them INGAME with a permissions plugin or chat plugin or something like that? I don't know how to add the ranks infront of the names, that's why I'm asking. Also, please Tahg me next time so I see your message. ;)
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    Pat :O

    In the groups and ranks I added all the 15 ranks and yes people who join automantically get weakgod (default) And I added all the commands just now I want to have them able to do /levelup and all and so they can level up! And don't worry though I do have the ranks ingame! Thanks!
  6. Pat :O Which plugin you use for giving the players groups / ranks????? And again, tahg me...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Hook into.Vault
  8. timtower Yeah, just wanted to know if he is using a permission plugin which actually has a command to rankup a player, so I could just make him a private plugin which performs a console command of his permissions command to rankup. I would just do the points etc. ;)
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    Pat :O

    I am through mcmyadmin! So as in I have a place where I can set up ranks and give them nodes so they can use commands through there!

    Lionhard So yeah

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  10. Pat :O But you still need to have a plugin for it...? timtower Does he? hihi :D
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    Pat :O

    Lionhard All I had was bukkit and I made all the ranks!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    That doesn't answer the question if you still need a plugin for the uprank stuff
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    timtower Lionhard Hi, I am pat's friend, he doesn't really understand so I am going to help explain what he has, i guess. He has group manager, but not a rank up plugin. Would you like him to get him one where people can pay for rank ups?
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    Pat :O

  15. templarcraft yay, thank you. ;) Do you mean with Paying economy money, or those points?
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    Pat :O

    Lionhard I don't really want it to be a plugin where you have to pay to rank up, I want a plugin where you have to get kills to rank up.
  17. Pat :O I understood. :D I will start tomorrow, should also finish it tomorrow if no complications occurs. Gonna have to check how to use those groups with vault. ;) Just tell me how you want the config to look like, if you want permissions to gain points or bypass gaining it, for example for admins or something like that, how many points you want to give for killing players, how many for killing mobs or if you want it configurable, also etc.
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    Pat :O

    10 points for killing a player
    1 point for aggressive mobs

    If you donate:
    Donation ranks from smallest to biggest:

    Donator: 2 points for aggressive mobs and 15 points for player

    Vip: 5 points for aggressive mobs and 20 points for player

    TopGod: 10 points for aggressive mobs and 30 points for player

    OverLord: 20 points for aggressive mobs and 50 points for player

    Every other non-staff rank gets as usual, MIT (Mod In training) and Mod also get to play and get as much as the rest get. And they get theirs like this [WeakGod] [MIT] Patrikano0: Hi
    Donators get

    [Weakgod] [OverLord] Patrikano0: Hi

    Also, If any more questions asked I will answer, But thank you so much for this! I really am so thrilled :D

  19. Pat :O wo.. wo.. wo.... :D Who talked about Donator Ranks...? I'm not going to check if someone donated, or how do you imagine it would work?
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    Pat :O

    Oh thats how it works? lol ok nvm ignore that sorry I am really new at this I am even new at bukkit itself :D Lionhard
  21. Pat :O Well, I would love to help you, but I don't think that I would be able to do this anyway, I do not even understand everything what you requested. Try to find someone else, sorry. :/
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    Pat :O

    Please help me, I have 2 threads posted for this, can I try explaining it more informative?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Rankup in PEX ranks when they have a certain amount of kills
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    Pat :O

  25. Pat :O Sorry, I have a server which I have to care of and I'm making a huge plugin for my own server, I won't have time. :/
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    Bit harsh?
    Accept the plugin then just drop it?
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  27. Fluxanoia I did a) First just asked for informations if I COULD do it, b) As I told I will do it I told if no complications occurs, then I spoke with some people from my server and they told me something (I don't have to tell here what we are speaking about ;) ) and now I just don't have enough time for it. Also I don't really understand what he wants and to try to get more informations I would rather give other people the chance to complete the plugin for him who actually are better in plugin development and maybe better in understanding it. :D
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    I understand why you can't do it... But you did actually take the plugin...
    Meaning you WOULD complete it. Just not tomorrow.
  29. Fluxanoia Well, complications can mean everything, not just that you wont do it tomorrow... And also, don't you think it is better telling that you actually CANT do it, then just letting the requester wait for nothing, instead of informing him that you cant do it, so he can search for someone else? There are plenty of developers here who actually can do this. I'm new to bukkit programming and I actually don't know how to do it. That is the reason why I do ask that much in the comments to get Information if I CAN do it.
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    New to bukkit with 3 plugins on Bukkit Dev.
    Either way, I hope the poster finds what he is looking for.
    Whether Lionhard does it or not.

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