Gravity applied to one block?

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by viper_11, Dec 22, 2014.

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    Hi there!

    I'm doing a "present" for my little brother, making a good mission in my server, and I'm looking for a plugin that can do this:

    If you go near to some block, this block can attract to you, (or mobs, animals...), like a black hole.
    Or like water force, this kind of gravity applied to some block or area.

    I found some plugins but nothing succesful for this request.

    I give the present 24 please help me.

    BR, Jarvie
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    How do you create a block? What type of block is it? Any commands? Give us more info!
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    This plugin doesn't exist, I just request for this kind of plugin, if exist, if it's possible to do...

    For example, create a redstoneblock and activate ir for a gravity force...
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    Yes I know. I'm asking you how you do all of that. Otherwise how do we know what to make!
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    Yes, sorry, I'm a little noob in bukkit things, sorry for that.

    I want to put an special gold block (ex: gold block+2 blaze rod+redstone block+enchantment table).
    If you place and activate it with redstone it will attract everything near, like mobs, entities, players, dropped objects...

    I want to avoid commands for activate it, my bro it's too young for use commands, so free-commands.

    But I need some kind of configuration for radius action, and force if it's possible. The standard force less than water river.

    Also if the force attracts to you, you will need to destroy (or shutdown redstone) block, like diamond resistance.
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