GrandExchange (runsecape style) based shop plugin

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by dasco4, May 2, 2013.

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    I could create this, but I would need to know if you want a custom economy for this or do you want me to hook into an existing one? Another option would be to use Emeralds as currency.
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    I am already working on this, dasco4 needs to stop bumping this thread, it will release when it's done
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    Aight man, that's great!

    Contact me when you are ready with the plugin.
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    tell me if want help, cus this plugin idea is cool
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    Here is an update how it will going to look like,
    you can set in the config if you want to buy/sell trough commands or going at a place (example at the spawn) and find there a chest or npc (also configurable)
    if you right click the chest/npc there will be an inventory opened of a big chest
    in the lowest corners there will be an item that can't be sold,
    this item would be the button for next page and previous page.
    If you open the chest/npc there will first be all items (one each) in minecraft in the chest (which items are shown is going to be configurable but not in the first release). If you click one of the items you will be send too that section.
    Example: if you click an diamond body, you will be send to another inventory with the diamond body's that are currently on sale.
    All the items in the chest which are on sale are managed by a sql database.
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    lol I made $2k
    off that game off hosting gambling then just quit :p
    I guess everyone has different experiences

    also this plugin already exists I just forget the name and I really hate it when people try to wreck minecraft with shit games.

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    you looked for this one?
    Grand Exchange
    it's outdated so....
    I know what you mean but it is not wrecking minecraft. I think the Grand Exchange is something really good in runescape, I don't like the game itself either but, sometimes there are things in games you like when you don't like the game.
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    The whole idea behind it was just what i loved. (getting a G/E based plugin for minecraft)
    Just because like Jokie666 said, it's not about wrecking the game, i want to improve the economy on minecraft servers.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I had some private problems and a pc crash so I lost everything, is somebody else able to do this?
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    That is impossible. The most amount of row a chest can have before looking very weird is (i believe) 7 because then a new chest looking thing goes below it and the menues start going off the screen.

    I am very intrigued by this idea though. If people have already started on this plugin i will gladly offer my services to them. If no one has started on it yet i will gladly make it if i have a parter.

    Lolmewn Hoot215 timtower jokie666
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Goblom That is possible indeed... Check out AutoSort, they have that feature.
    And don't tahg random people
    BTW: This is a kinda old thread. OP hasn't been online since 29 sept
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    timtower Tahged people who i believed already started on the plugin or were interested in developing it :p (but it get ur point)
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    Goblom I started on it but because off a pc crash and some private problems I was not able to recover it or build it again, with the scroll balk I thought off having a chest with items and in the right corner a item that you can't sell/buy for a next page button.
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    jokie666 with the scrolling i was saying that it is impossible via the ways the rows normally generate but if a icon is used to stroll up or down then yea it work perfectly
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    I'm definitely interested in doing this, but I've got a lot on my plate right now, so it could take me a while to get around to it.

    Edit: Goblom I could be your partner if you want. Like I said, I've got a lot to do, but I would be able to put aside some spare time to work on this.
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    Goblom Too damn busy xD I just have soooo much to do it's crazy right now.
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    haven't looked for it anymore, and when this thread was created it wasn't there :p
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    Personally, I only use plugins that are free software, so if I ever wanted a Grand Exchange plugin on my server, I'd probably just code my own. I might still do that, as I have some cool ideas for inventory GUIs.
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    I haven't been online since 29 september because at that time i wanted to start creating my own server but shortly after starting on my project i quited with it again (personal reason). This request was also the only thing why i made a account on bukkit.

    A couple days ago i started again with building my own server (a FTB server) so I checked this thread again.

    Yeah, i also spotted this plugin and i'm thinking about giving it a try for my server.

    If you make your own plugin around this idea, are you making the plugin public then ?

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    Definitely. I'll let you know if/when I make it.
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    Thanks man!

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