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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: GoogleBackupDrive

    Ideas for commands: /backup - runs a backup

    Ideas for permissions: gbd.backup

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible

    What it is:
    I need a plugin for my server that will backup whatever folders I choose (in the config.yml) and then zip them and upload them to Google drive.

    config example:
    #example config it does not need to be exactly like this but please have all these features
    dateformat: dd/mm/yyyy
      tag: '[GoogleDriveBackup]'
      start: 'Server Backup Started'
      end: 'Server Backup Finished'
      username: ''
      password: ''
    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end
    - plugins 
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    This is why you use a AutoSave Plugin, no one will ever beable to make a plugin like this
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    this for web browers ask google developer will make of you
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    This plugin is very possible, what are you guys talking about? Also Google Drive has an API
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    Does it have to be google drive? There's a few backup plugins that use Dropbox.
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    Yes, It has to be Google Drive because it offers more space. Dropbox makes you pay for more space. The default amount of space from Dropbox is not enough for even one backup of my server.
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    I'm pretty sure mark2, a server wrapper, can do this :)
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    Unfortunately, I am using a hosted server so anything but a plugin is not an option for me.

    Bump. I really need this! Please people! I would make this myself however I cold not get the google drive api to work.
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    john01dav The question I have in mind is you'd need to sett the server to read only - copy the data to another file - make the server read/write and then upload said file.
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    It isn't really difficult, you need someone who can code php too.

    To upload and download stuff with a plugin from a secured storage like google drive you need a php file that makes the request with verification.

    Sorry, But I can't code php.
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    I don't know if its possible to do this without a php file. But I am sure it will work trough a php file.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    TheEyeMonster It is possible without coding php yourself, java can also perform all the needed actions
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    It is possible without a php file. If someone made a java api for Google Drive then I could do it. I know how to code php. The only thing stopping me from making it is my lack of knowledge of the Google Drive api.
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    I started on it. I got the pure Java program working, it zips the files, then uploads them, now just need to create a bukkit plugin :D
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    @Sgt_Tailor is working on something similar but with Dropbox, maybe he could include GoogleDrive?
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    Did you somehow manage to interface with Google Drive in java. HOW DID YOU DO IT! The best I can think of is some sort of url object interface which as far as I know does not support post data :(.
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    To be honest, it's quite easy, I'm still working on trying to get rid of that authorization code on every upload.
    I've heard it's possible with tokens ? I haven't gone that far yet though.
    So far there's a sample script that works perfectly, if you read the documentation then you'll be able to upload .zip files and more.
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    Thank you, Can't wait until the plugin is ready (I do not mind a little auth code running every few hours. Think about it, there are not going to be backups every second and the session would probably expire between uploads too)

    EDIT: Could you also include an interval option in the config (accidentally missed it in my sample)
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    I have done the plugin and it worked however there are refresh tokens which you need to activate on every upload and the paste the code in order to activate the upload. I have to say, this was a good idea, but gdrive limits things a bit.
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    Understandable, nothing is entirely perfect. But is that how google drive works or just a sideeffect sort of when using the API. Good job though!
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    Has anybody made this yet? I'm willing if nobody else has. john01dav
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    Cryices Thats how google drive works. I guess its their security measuers.
    Jentagh Can you read? I have strong evidence that you cant. Let me tell you the summary of this thread;
    1. Plugin is not made.
    2. Its currently impossible to get it working without having to enter randomy generated access code on upload which you can only obtain via browser.
    3. Start reading the thread in full before asking stupid questions again.
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    You don't need php because almost any programming language can send http requests.
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    Adriani6, I have no desire to get into a fight, however, May I quote you on these two posts...

    ...both which made it seem like somebody (You, in this case) had made or was making this plugin. Whilst I missed the statement "...However, there are refresh tokens which you need to activate ... but gdrive limits things a bit" in this post, also by you... act of not fully understanding what you meant in the above post is no reason for you to lash out at me with the quite ignorant and immature response "Can you read?"

    Can we look at the statement "Can you read?" for a moment? Generally, the ability to read (and write) is called literacy. The two go hand in hand. If I were unable to read, would I really be able to write? No. For that matter, If I were unable to read, how would I go through the process of navigating to this thread and constructing a (fairly) relevant post on this topic? I wouldn't be able to. What about this response right now? If I were really unable to read, I wouldn't be writing this post nor would I be capable of writing it because I wouldn't know what you said. Obviously, this isn't the case.

    Please take the time to think through your statement before you lash out at somebody in the future.
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    This is interesting.
  28. If I knew how to use the Google Drive API I'd gladly do this :p. Anyways, I can't wait for this to be finished. Definitely a must have for my server :)
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    Yea cool idea +1
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    I've never seen this side of you...:confused: lol

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