Goodbye Bukkit and Minecraft

Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by lDucks, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Okay, when I posted this I was in the middle of doing homework so I didn't really have time to put up anything emotional and heartfelt. I want to say that working on Bukkit and with the members of this community has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have learned an insane amount that I couldn't get in any formal education environment. Many of you don't know what goes on behind the scenes.. But you have an understand of the work and dedication that went into Bukkit. Thank you for being dedicated to the project, staff, and community. You guys are amazing.

    From Bukkit I had created my own development team, BattlePlugins. Some of you may know about our project, my good friend alkarin maintains our largest and most popular plugin, BattleArena. At this time, all development on BattlePlugins has come to an end. Thank you for the people who had stayed true to the project, and grew with us. I had always wanted BattlePlugins to be this huge thing, household name in the Minecraft world. Those expectations were sadly never met, but what did
    happen was we created our own community of amazing individuals.


    lol768, I love you man. You're a good friend and a great developer. Working with you, talking to you about random things, you randomly decide to rant to me about things.. You bully me all the time for no apparent reason, we always share stories of new technologies or things happening in the world of web development. You're a great person, I always enjoy talking with you.

    TnT, I'm glad to be able to say I'm one of the people who got to work closely with you. Through the development project with Bukkit that you had me working on, I really enjoyed your leadership of the project. You kept us on task and made sure we had all the tools necessary to do what we needed to do.

    EvilSeph, again.. I'm very lucky to be one of the few people who got to work closely with you. Your dedication to the Bukkit project is not quantifiable. Coming into the project I didn't think you'd be as easy to talk to as you are. I was under the imprecision you were some mean boss man. Through working with you I quickly learned that you're not _that_ mean. :)

    lukegb, although we didn't know each other really well, you definitely went out of your way to make sure that lol768 and I were able to complete our work. You were always around to help us out and your help did not go unnoticed.

    mbaxter, quack.

    MinecraftZach443, this guy has been dedicated to providing support and testing for BattlePlugins. Without you development would have been slower. You answered questions in #battleplugins in order to allow us more development time which really eased the burden of running such a large community.

    alkarin - I can't write everything I want to say about you in one post. Therefore I will write barely anything.

    If I forgot you, you're not important to me.
    just kidding I'm really sorry if I forgot you....
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    I guess all things must come to an end
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  4. lDucks Thanks for letting me be apart of the project. I appreciate you answering my (sometimes stupid) questions, and I will never forget you or alkarin.
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    I admit that I didn't know most of you guys individually, and sure won't go and post on every single thread, but you will be missed. I completely understand the situation and why things are happening as they are. I just hope the future of Minecraft Multiplayer isn't doomed due to all of recent events. (DMCA Mostly)

    I just want to thank everyone for making Bukkit a possibility. Taking time out of your lives to Develop, Update, Troubleshoot, Moderate Forums, Accept Plugins, etc.

    @lol768 @TnT @EvilSeph @lukegb @mbaxter @lDucks @feildmaster @evilmidget38 @Amaranth @Gravity @Jade @JaguarJo @Iroh @c0mp @hawkfalcon @Lolmewn @DSH105 @1Rogue @CeramicTitan @CaptainBern @Bionicrm @toothplck1 @slipcor @drtshock @mncat77 @Hoolean @fromgate @chaseoes @daboross @inventorman101
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    Amazing Post :)
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    This is a major shame, Im a big fan of battle arena, and it has a solid place on my server and with our community.
    I wish you all the best in future projects and hope that battlearena is passed on to another set of amazing developers.
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