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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Dragonslife, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Hello people

    I've been looking arround a bit for good server hostings. I'm wanting to host my own minecraft server somewhere, but I cant really decide where.

    Now my question is, which server hostings do you think are best/good?
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    I use CreeperHost and have had no problems with them and they are always prompt with their responses to my tickets if I create one.
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    I can recommend OrbitBlade. EU based, works really well :)
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    I know it isn't that widely known, but I would suggest Akliz. They are amazing and pretty reasonable in terms of price.
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    I would suggest ... Its the cheapest hosting I've seen and it provides both FTP and MySQL. No problems with it :). They also have test servers if you wanna try it out first.
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    Try, I use it and it's great.
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    Beastnode is awesome, plus they answer support tickets extremely fast.
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    Jozeth - UK - I've been with them since October 2011 (when I had a server) and had no problems with them what so ever. Also they host other servers and even FREE web hosting if you want it for a domain...
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    They do their job great, and the prices are relatively cheap, considering their performance. Beastnode is epic.
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