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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by killerbigmacs, Jan 17, 2015.

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    Plugin Name: Gold Mines

    Desc: A player places a block on the ground and a gold mine that generates gold is created.

    Perms: gm.admin - All commands are available ONLY if they have the gm.admin perm.

    Commands: /goldmine reload, /goldmine give <player> <amount of mines>, /goldmine get <amount of mines>

    When a player does /goldmine reload it reloads the config.
    When someone does /goldmine give <player> <amount of mines> it gives the specified player that many gold mines.
    When someone does /goldmine get <amount of mines> it gives the player that typed that command that many mines
    When someone clicks on their own sign it gives them their gold, or at least how much they can hold in their inventory
    When someone clicks the remove sign (If it is their own mine) will remove the mine

    Players must be online in order for their gold mines to produce gold

    Example config:

           Items_Per_Hour: 500 #The amount of gold you make per hour
           Item_Limit: 2000 #Max amount of gold a mine holds
           Creation_Limit: 12 #Max amount of mine structures you can build
           Mine_Item: gold_ore #The item that you use to place/create a mine
                   Mine_Name: '&6&lGold Mine' #The name of the block you receive
                   Mine_Lore: '' #The lore of the block you receive
                   Mine_Production: gold_ingot #The item the mine creates
           Unbreakable_Mines: true #Only the creator of a mine can access, use, and destroy it
           Create_Message: &6&lYou made a gold mine!
           Collect_Message: &6&lYou collected &a&l<Ammount Of Gold> &6&lgold!
           Destroy_Message: &c&lYou destroyed your mine!

    I am willing to sacrifice some features if this proves to be too difficult
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    Is it okay if the gold mine is just a block, or does it have to be like the structure you posted on imgur?
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    @EpicCraft21 I would very much like if it is like the structure, it is OK if it is a block with a sign if that is the ONLY other way to do it

    @Krizeh I have a CoC themed server :p
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    I'm in the process of creating this, I'll link you the plugin when I'm finished.
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    Awesome! Thank you!
    If it is possible I would like a different version for elixir, but only if you would like
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    @Rockdude_ Ill check it out and see if it works

    EDIT: Unfortunately this is not what I am looking for, player mines are not individualized and it is not a block you place to get. I want it so the only way you get the block for the mine is through the command
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    @killerbigmacs Hi. I am the creator of Pressure Plate Mine. I will gladly modify it to suit exactly your needs if you want. What block is used for the generation, just a gold block I assume?
    If you want me to, I'll need some time since I'm working on others plugins right now or I can give the source code to someone who can do it faster, some code might be reusable.
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    @SpielMC That would be awesome! If I understand what you mean by block generation I would like it to be a gold block. (It is the block you receive that is placed to make the mine?)

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    Hoping for the best! Bump!

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    So I had started on this a bit when you had first posted it but I abandoned it after I saw someone else was picking it up. If you still haven't gotten anything back Ill pick it up again Tuesday (day Ill get back to my computer).

    If you are still working on this, I have the code that will generate the mine structure if you would like it, no anti griefing mechanisms but it will build it.
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    @weasel1453 I still haven't gotten anything back, I would love if you could continue what you had though :D
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    @weasel1453 @SpielMC
    Bump just incase.

    @weasel1453 If I am able to get my CoCEconomy plugin develop I would like if gold mines could be hooked into that. I just figured I would give you a heads up just incase someone is kind enough to make it.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Cleaned up thread. This got offtopic real fast
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    Aww man, sorry for the late reply really :( . I am really busy this week on vacation and couldn't sign in for good number of days. I am working on something else, but just let me quickly read what you are looking for so I can give an estimation on how long it will take for me (typing this from a hotel lol) @weasel1453 That is very generous of you, let me look into that and get back to you :)

    @weasel1453 Ok, the code for generating the structure will be quite helpful if you can provide, with all respective credits on the source going back to you.
    I never played CoC, but I've played CoD : Heroes which is an exact copy of it. This seems like a nice idea.
    @killerbigmacs So is the structure to be auto generated on a command, or generated when a gold block is placed?

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    @SpielMC No worries!

    The gold mine will be created when the player places the gold block with the specific name (Specified in the config). Also players won't be able to spawn them in in world guarded regions
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    @killerbigmacs I am going to wait and see if I can use the code from @weasel1453
    Can you elaborate on the gold block concept? Only blocks obtained with the /goldmine command work and have a specific ID or something attached to them.
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    @SpielMC Sure thing. When a person with the correct permissions (gm.admin is the only perm) does the command /goldmine give <player> <amount of goldmines> OR the command /goldmine get <amount of mines>. It will take the info from the config.
    In this case it will give you a gold ore with the name &6&lGold Mine. You can then place that block and it generates a gold mine. So basically if it has the correct name and lore, if there is a lore, the plugin recognizes it as a gold mine block and will generate the mine when placed on the ground.
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    @killerbigmacs & @SpielMC
    Sorry if I'm coming in like this ;)
    I find the idea of the plugin awsome.
    I'd use it too, if I'm allowed to.

    BUT i want to request a "little" feature.

    May you add the option for schematics and allow the use of multiple mines (wheat, iron, stone). Would be really awsome. @killerbigmacs you could so also add elixier.

    Thank you for reading ;)
    and sorry for my english
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    @Hergarian Thats what I was actually hoping for once this plugin comes under way. The only thing is there would have to be a new file per mine you make. It would be awesome though if you could do something like /goldmine createnew <mine name> <schematic name> then it made a new folder for that mine then you can select the setting and stuff. I changed the config to make it a more generic config. I also added a mine limit to the config.

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    @Hergarian I know that XD I'm just saying I was hoping to add that in later as a new feature
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    @killerbigmacs Hi. Just wanted to let you know I am still working on this, I'll upload an updated version onto github sometime tomorrow for you to see when I get the time. I've implemented the starting point (/goldmine get [num of mines] and got the configuration file up, in the past I'd just think of using a filewriter wrapped in a printwriter object, so I'm glad I found out about this easy solution lol.

    @weasel1453 You have not logged in since Feb 11, which is disappointing since I will now have to code your part from scratch. oh well,
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