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    I know there are a lot of plugins to restrict people from advancing into the land, either to save memory or to make dynmaps not too huge, or other cartographed maps.

    However, we are going to launch a map with custom water level, custom trees, custom terrain, custom dungeons, custom everything ;)
    from the beginning on self made.

    However. the Area is about 500x400 Chunks.

    Coming to my Idea

    I have done some plugin research.
    I will point out particular disantvantages for every plugin.

    [MECH] BoundaryKill. 1.3 - Soft borders killing you softly
    - only circular, and kills you.
    [MECH] WorldBorder v1.4.4 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin
    - Its actually nice, but it pushes you back with one ugly message(which you can disable)
    - Also the shape is preset, it is not possible to create something like a rectangular shape (500x400 chunks) only square!
    [MECH] BorderGuard v4.20: #1, Most Efficient Map Limiter
    - same as Worldborder, just square
    - it is pretty leightweight, but has no features to handle the shape/the way the border works(push/die/etc).
    [MECH] BorderArea v0.1 - Limit players to a rectangular region
    - this is actually the only plugin which can perform RECTANGULAR regions!

    All plugins that limit the map to a special shape are either killing you, pushing you back or just running against a wall.

    I would like to have a plugin that teleports you to the opposite side.
    With having just oceans on the sides, the player won't really get the difference :)

    It would be very nice having this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Also for a decent survival map it will be a very nice feature.

    make sure to have rectangular shapes please, so I can choose.
    Whoever is coding this: using wooden axe from worldedit setting the positions would be really cool.
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    Nice idea. You should look at the boundary protection in precious stones.
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    I know that plugin @OzoneBuu

    But it is not meant for larger projects ;)
    But a nice plugin for PVP

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