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  1. Hey
    Iam making a plugin that does so you can get a reason you came to prison (For a prison server)
    But it does not say the reason but it says null. (I know its because it gives a nullPoint... thing) I just dont get why it says it because it gives a random reason in the playerdata folder i just cant put it as a message.
    Just so you know i have tried making this with a command and it works.

    Main class (
    Events class:
    Commands Class:
    Config class (Not made by me and is a lib!):


    Eksample PlayerData.yml:


    Nothing yet!

  2. It does not come with a error it just says error insted of the reason[​IMG]

    There does not come a error in console either

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    Print a message out after each if statement, etc. Also, make sure you tag or quote somebody if you want to be sure they see your post!
  4. Nothing new

    I have tryed making a command and it works. but i have tryed putting the same code on the place it says null
  5. Still need help!
  6. Guys i still need help (Sorry for bump!)
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