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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by PluginMaker, Aug 7, 2012.

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    So, I want to make a plugin which dosen't allow you to use another texture pack other then the server's one but I have no idea how to get the texture pack and how to check the user's texture pack. Any ideas? :)
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    I don't think you can actually check the user's texture pack, because:
    1st: The user's client never send any information like this.
    2nd: You could make it work, but the user's must allow you to see their texturepacks and then you probably need to create a Minecraft mod for it.
    And, making a plugin allowing that only allows user's to have server texture pack's is pretty bad because some people want their texture pack.
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    But I saw this plugin called iZone that can change texture pack once your in certein zone. I wanna do the same just for the whole map.
    how can I do that?

    btw: the plugin is for a certein server that asked me for it.
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    iZone must use spout or some other sort of client mod...
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    oh realy? xD
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    Technically, there should be a method for this soon, as with 1.3.1 the server can detect if you are not using the server's texture pack and recommend for you to use it... There must be a packet or something that the client sends to the server, allowing the server to discern if you are using the server's texture pack or not.

    EDIT: I'm saying as in vanilla, not spoutcraft or anything else.
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    I might be wrong but it just sends the client the link and you can accept or decline and the server doesn't know which as it seems unessery for the server to know.
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    But the server won't send the link if you already have the texturepack, won't it?
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    You can send a texture pack to the client, you can how ever NOT enforce the pack. What will happen is the client will get a question for if he wants to allow the TP to be downloaded. If the users says "no" then that's that and you can't stop him doing so.

    See here for more detailed information.
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    Using something like this you can enforce default textures though. Also, using something like you said Giant, you could just have 3 or 4 locations hosting the default tp, and then cycle through to make people more likely to press "yes"
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    Or to just leave your server annoyed by so many questions about the texture pack....
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