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    Hello everyone, so I've been creating a Multiverse server and it's coming along well. After everything is finished and we begin advertising. I thought it was a bit difficult to make money on this server so I thought, "What if players got money from killing mobs?". The way I would want it is that when you kill a mob it will send you a message in chat that says "&a+ $5.00 for killing a (Mob)". It could be configured so that each mob has its own price. Also, maybe we could have it so when players kill good mobs like Villagers, Iron Golems, Snowmen, and Giants it would deduct money from your account. It could say something like "&4 -$100 for killing a Villager". Thank you for reading I hope someone will take the time to develop this.
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    timtower - hmm, guess I better review the wording on my project page, I don't appear in that search listing :)
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    Personally, I use MobBountyReloaded for this. I use it on my server and work perfectly. You can set reward per mob type with a range of payment. Ex: Slime drop between 1$ and 3$... and it aslo get an anti-abuse system(optional)(less money if mob come from a spawner, less money if you kill too many mob of same type and even multipliyer for killing streaks)
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    Yeah, my recommendations are to check out OtherDrops, MobBountyReloaded & ecoCreature. Each have their advantages :)

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