[GEN] WhoIsInBed v1.3.2 - List who is in bed! [BukkitDev]

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    Now on BukkitDev!
    Check BukkitDev for 1.3.2
    WhoIsInBed - A simple plugin allowing you to see a list of people in bed.
    Version: v1.3.2​
    Are you annoyed with your users always screaming "Whoever isn't in bed go to bed or I'll blow your house up!" Well, this is your solution, this will broadcast a message saying when a player gets in bed! Also, when you type /bed it gives a list of who is in bed. So now there is no need to ask who isn't in bed! /nbed displays who isn't in bed!​
    The messages it displays are fully configurable (color support included!) Just look at the notes in the config!​
    /bed - Displays people sleeping!​
    /nbed - Displays people awake!​

    • Nothing, Please give me suggestions!
    Version 1.3.1: Download
    • Fixed the reload bug completely! Players now show up in the right list on reload!
    Version 1.3: Download
    • Added option for message when entering bed as well as custom message
    • Added custom message/color for /bed and /nbed
    • Hopefully fixed the bug on reload
    • So pretty much added configuration!
    Version 1.2: Download
    • Added a No one is there message if no one is sleeping/awake.
    Version 1.1: Download
    • Added /nbed for list of who isn't in bed.
    Version 1.0: Download
    • Initial Release
    Note: This is my first plugin, still kind of a newb. Any tips/improvements are welcome!​
    Also, I would like to recognize my pals from Curly Brace Productions for helping me out!​
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    Just an update, working on V1.2 right now, should be here tonight. This will bring a message saying no one is Sleeping/awake on the specified command. Thanks everyone!
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    Working on V1.3! Going to bring configuration & color support! Still a few bugs not allowing a message when you get in bed...
    Will release V1.3 tomorrow!
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    V1.3 Has officially been released! Fully configurable! Also, if you like my plugin please say so!
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    This has been approved on BukkitDev!
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    And on the forums!
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    Thanks. Works wonderfull.
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    Still compatible with bukkit!
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    An idea: Can u add a /nbed thor command ??? the objetive is to give a lightning over all awake players ;)
    Other one: Can u add a /bed give item quantity command ???? the objetive is give items to those in bed.

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