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    SpawnX - Basic Spawn Plugin
    Version: 0.6
    Supports: Permissions [optional]

    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)">Download: Dropbox</font>
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    This plugin provides two commands to save a spawn location and to teleport players to the spawn location. As always I would like to hear your feedback and criticism.

    1. Extract the "SpawnX.jar" from the "" folder to your plugins directory.
    2. Restart your server or use the reload command.

    * /setspawn
    * /home

    * SpawnX.setspawn
    * SpawnX.spawn
    * SpawnX.* (for both commands)

    Version 0.6
    * Polishing of the crappy code.
    * Updated to the latest Bukkit build.
    * Updated to the latest Permissions version.

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    Version 0.5
    * Moves the original world spawn on /setspawn command.

    Version 0.4

    * Update to work with the newest Bukkit build.

    Version 0.3

    * Added Permissions support.

    Version 0.2

    * Set the spawn for multiple worlds.
    * Adjust a delay in seconds in "plugins/SpawnX/data.txt", if the delay does not equal 0 players will be teleported to spawn with the specified delay.
    * Disable the spawn command in "plugins/SpawnX/data.txt", write true or false behind "enabled=" to determine, whether all users should be able to use /spawn or only Operators.

    Version 0.1

    * Initial release.

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    the SpawnX.setspawn doesnt work for me, im trying to deny other ppl but admins to set spawn, but no luck any help?
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    Iv'e found a bug. When I type /setspawn to like, the North, and then type /spawn, I will always look at the East when I get teleported to spawn! Is there any ways ti fix this?
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    Spawn points will always look in that direction, no matter which way you are facing.
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    Please update for CB928
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    The Angry kat

    Have i ever said how much i love this plugin?
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    Thanks, been using it since my servers first day and it just works. :)
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    With this Plugin, new Players don't spawn on the top of the building,
    that was what I needed! :D
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    Why is it like that? Becausem it's kinda annoying :C
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    I think its more or less a thing with craftbukkit itself not having a node for the direction you face when spawned. Correct me if I'm wrong, it was just a guess. =)
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    Working fine on my server 935. Anyone have any problems with it
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    Works for me with #950

    - But I had to deinstall all other SpawnPlugins (I used spawn from commandbook), now it works perfekt on original nether and a mv-skyland.
    - Home after dead (from myHome) isn't working anymore.
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    Hey, nice plugin!
    But I would like to have a function to set a spawnpoint for players that join the first time, because more than 1 spawn- plugin one one server seems to conflict a bit.
  14. Is it possible to have feature that prevents people destroying/building on spawn point and configurable radius for that protection?

    EDIT: It seems there is spawn protection for building/destrying...At least you cannot do it on my server. :/
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    Is this updated for 1.7.2 or 1.7.3??
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    Its working fine on my 1.7.2 server, except that I allow my users to use the /spawn command to return to 'town.' However they get an internal error. The OP's can still use /spawn though. I have checked the permissions node and it is correct.
  17. I am using SpawnX on my 1.7.3 version and it's working fine. Currently using Bukkit build 996.
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    I just updated this plugin today and my delay no longer works?? No bueno :'(
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    It's looks good, but can u make it multiply spawn such as spawn and home?
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    when i use the /setspawn is says you have set spawn in world. but when i use the /spawn it says i dont have set a spawn point. wtf..? help plz
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    Please check if there is a spawn.txt in /plugins/SpawnX/"yourworldname"
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    i think one of my plugins is causing the problem.
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    Alright then. Tell me if there should be a problem with my plugin.
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    Is there a plugin that you have two spawn point:
    1. when you die
    2. when you first enter the world
  25. Doesn't seem to work for first time spawns on CB1000.
    Gets annoying to hear newbs complaining about spawning and dying on the lava feature at spawn.
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    Does anyone know the nodes for this plugin? ive tried spawnx.spawn and SpawnX.spawn but they don't work and I can't seem to find the nodes anywhere
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    How far have you been able to get with the random spawn idea? Cause alot of our servers could use that :(
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    permissions dont work, any ideas?
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    Trying to set up two spawn points on my server. I have one set up in world and one set up in world_nether. When I do /spawn I go to the correct one based on the world that I am in, but when I die in the nether it seems to spawn me back in the normal world at the nether location, so it seems to be working with /spawn but not on death.
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    @Zelnehlun the spawn on 1st join for people is messed up for respawning it works just fine
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    I know, I'm sorry currently busy in school :/

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