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    SpawnX - Basic Spawn Plugin
    Version: 0.6
    Supports: Permissions [optional]

    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)">Download: Dropbox</font>
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    This plugin provides two commands to save a spawn location and to teleport players to the spawn location. As always I would like to hear your feedback and criticism.

    1. Extract the "SpawnX.jar" from the "" folder to your plugins directory.
    2. Restart your server or use the reload command.

    * /setspawn
    * /home

    * SpawnX.setspawn
    * SpawnX.spawn
    * SpawnX.* (for both commands)

    Version 0.6
    * Polishing of the crappy code.
    * Updated to the latest Bukkit build.
    * Updated to the latest Permissions version.

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    Version 0.5
    * Moves the original world spawn on /setspawn command.

    Version 0.4

    * Update to work with the newest Bukkit build.

    Version 0.3

    * Added Permissions support.

    Version 0.2

    * Set the spawn for multiple worlds.
    * Adjust a delay in seconds in "plugins/SpawnX/data.txt", if the delay does not equal 0 players will be teleported to spawn with the specified delay.
    * Disable the spawn command in "plugins/SpawnX/data.txt", write true or false behind "enabled=" to determine, whether all users should be able to use /spawn or only Operators.

    Version 0.1

    * Initial release.

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    Maybe permissions support today? Who knows ;)
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    i already have a plugin with /spawn. if i would instal this the /spawn wouldn't work right?
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    I want to make sure only I, the admin, can use /setspawn. What do I put in my permissions config? Would it be SpawnX.setspawn ?

    Edit: When permissions support comes out ;)
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    When I've done permissions support it would be, like you said, "SpawnX.setspawn" "SpawnX.spawn".
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    cool because I tried putting those commands into permissions and it didn't work. But they are the exact commands i put it =D
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    Permissions support is not done yet, drivers license test tomorrow then I've got finally time for coding again.
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    Will the plugin still support ops.txt instead of permissions? I hate installing more than I need to and that's why I like your plugins...
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    good luck =)
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    cool plugin very handy but there is no spawnx.jar for me there is only this meta-inf,de and plugn.yml files when i extract!can you help me out?
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    Yes I can, I think you may have tried to extract the stuff out of the SpawnX.jar just open the .zip folder and take the .jar out of it. And yes after Permissions support it will still support ops.txt (I hope).

    Added Permissions support:

    SpawnX.* (for both commands)

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    Okay, I just updated from 0.1 and my data.txt contains only the coordinates. Does the plugin not update the file and if so, can I manually enter the config data? Is there an example somewhere?
  13. Herro, one of my players noticed a slight issue, (I don't know if its just me or others are getting it) although there are no problems with spawning at all, the compass still points to the original world spawn.
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    I do not think that the compass can be modified by a plugin beacause it is build into Minecraft. wears_Fedora I can help you tomorrow updating the data.txt.
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    I'm just going to copy my coordinates and delete the file, restart and copy my coordinates back over.

    I just thought you should be aware. I know it's a PITA, but dummy-proofing updates is something worth coding in. :)
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    Thanks for your tip, I know that I have to make the plugins easy to use, but as you mentioned it takes a lot of time.
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    If I knew java, I'd help you. I'm just a lowly Python hack. :)

    Besides, it's fine for an initial release. You had no way of future proofing it from the beginning.
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    Thank you. spawnr stopped working for some reason so I went off to find an alternative and I have to say, this is a lot better.
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    for me the set spawn works but when i use spawn it says i dont permission to use this command...i am using permissions
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    Just add the line - 'SpawnX.spawn' to the users group in the Permissions .yml file. If you need further help just ask ;)
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    Okay, I got it set up and successfully transferred my old spawn point. When using ops.txt and enabled=false OPs cannot use /spawn

    Is there a way to make it selectable for ops and non-ops when not using permissions? If so, can ops send someone else to spawn?
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    Okay I will work on that and the admin /spawn command.

    Ops can now teleport others to spawn using /spawn [playername] and ops can teleport to Spawn even if the spawn command is disabled. I did not change the version number, to little changes.

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    When are you updating this to work with the new bukkit?
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    ^^^^^Already updated

    Thanks Zelnehlun

    I am going to test this soon, but did you add true multiworld support yet? Like where you set the spawn point in the normal world and you have a different spawn location in the nether? Having to find a spawn point in both worlds that both coordinates are safe and in a decent location is a real pain :/
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    Yes, it should be possible to set your spawnpoint for mutliple worlds without dying or spawning in midair.
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    Eddie Diller

    Has SpawnX been updated to work with 1.4 yet?
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    Yep. Works great on 617
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    Hey, is the delay in seconds, minutes, Minecraft seconds, what? Because I don't want to set the delay to 60, only to find out that's 60 minutes not seconds.
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    The delay is in seconds, minutes would be a bit annoying for players ;)
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    Thanks for the great plugin! Just fyi, you have a typo:

    15:37:35 [INFO] SpawnX direcotry created.
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    Good, glad that's sorted.

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