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    SpawnX - Basic Spawn Plugin
    Version: 0.6
    Supports: Permissions [optional]

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    This plugin provides two commands to save a spawn location and to teleport players to the spawn location. As always I would like to hear your feedback and criticism.

    1. Extract the "SpawnX.jar" from the "" folder to your plugins directory.
    2. Restart your server or use the reload command.

    * /setspawn
    * /home

    * SpawnX.setspawn
    * SpawnX.spawn
    * SpawnX.* (for both commands)

    Version 0.6
    * Polishing of the crappy code.
    * Updated to the latest Bukkit build.
    * Updated to the latest Permissions version.

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    Version 0.5
    * Moves the original world spawn on /setspawn command.

    Version 0.4

    * Update to work with the newest Bukkit build.

    Version 0.3

    * Added Permissions support.

    Version 0.2

    * Set the spawn for multiple worlds.
    * Adjust a delay in seconds in "plugins/SpawnX/data.txt", if the delay does not equal 0 players will be teleported to spawn with the specified delay.
    * Disable the spawn command in "plugins/SpawnX/data.txt", write true or false behind "enabled=" to determine, whether all users should be able to use /spawn or only Operators.

    Version 0.1

    * Initial release.

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    Basically this works

    It's useful to have and really simple

    btw there is 1 bug that i've found:
    after installing you are teleported to the original spawn.
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    I am happy that this happened, because when you just installed the plugin no spawn is set. The plugin detects this and teleports players to the original spawn as long as no spawn was set by an Operator. Thanks for your feedback :)
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    Why on data.txt there is an "false" line?
    I can set the spawn in a building, when i /spawn it spawns on the X and Z coords, but on top of the building, why?
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    I do not know why there is a "false" line, I guess I forgot to remove some code, I'll remove that tomorrow.
    The plugins saves the Y coordinate too, so you should spawn in building and not on the top of it. Maybe some other /spawn command is overwriting the command from the plugin.
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    i have a request. would it be at all possible to set up multiworld support and permissions to change the spawn point based on the group you fall under?
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    Multiworld support is possible. I don't understand the second point do you mean you can set the spawn point for example for users and operators, like 2 seperate spawn points?
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    yes that just would be a nice feature to have but the multiworld support would be to die for

    other than that the only other spawn ideas i have are spawn is RANDOM... dont set the Y so you're always at the highest point so you dont spawn under ground yet no one starts near the same area so its not a cluster (beep) of a mess for new people in survival games having every resource sucked out of the cliffs within a thirty minute walk.

    but people can still find their way around due to like what the plug in MyHome does allowing you to set a spawn area as a home and invite people to teleport there any time and even have a compass point you to your home.

    so ya those two ideas would really set your plug in apart from what others already do..

    the random would solve SMP problems and making most griefing impossible because you cant grief what you cant find and allow people with other plug ins to teleport to their friends so people can still play together if they wish or visit them but not everyones taking each others materials... it would be a must have feature for all SMP servers!

    and the set multiworld spawnpoints no ones really perfected yet so you would be the first to have it all in a basic layout for laymen to use only having to select one or two true/false commands in txt file
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    The random spawn idea is great, I will work on that asap!
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    Please add multi-world support as soon as you are able. Minecraft is in need of a good spawn control plugin with multi-world support.
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    As I scour for spawn plugins, I was wondering if 1. does your plugin make the spawn exact (aka. able to spawn in buildings and where your facing) 2. does it currently override the map spawn so newly joined players are spawned exactly where I set the spawn? If it doesnt can this be added?

    Every spawn plugin I know does not override map spawn for newly joined players and I need a plugin like exactspawn that was for hey0 mod here:
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    This happened to me too! I was going around spawn plugins looking for one! and I really wanted that exact spawn plugin from hmod.
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    This works pretty well.
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    Actually, yes, this does set an exact spawn point.
    No idea if it becomes spawn for new players.
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    I tried to do it like the Exact Spawn plugin from hmod which I used for a long time. My plugin saves your coordinates X, Y (height) and Z and also your "rotation" Yaw. It is not saving the Pitch Variable (wether you are looking up or down). The plugin keeps track of new and old players. A player who joins the server for the first time, will spawn at the saved spawn location and not at the world spawn.
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    This works very well.

    Suggestion/request, add a configurable cooldown to /spawn. No fun when players spawn out of pvp fights right before they die.
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    While you're at it, I wouldn't mind the ability to disable /spawn

    Nice simple mod. Thanks!
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    Great ideas! I am currently working on the multiworld support for the home plugin. I will work on these points as soon as I am finished!
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    Ummm, in permissions, is it just 'spawnx.set' & 'spawnx.spawn'?
  20. Does this work in combination with your home plugin, for example: derp joins my server and spawns at the spawn I set with this plugin, but then builds a house and use the home command in there?
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    There is no permissions support yet. Yes my plugins work in combination, but players won't spawn at their home location.
  22. dude I use general as my general commands plugin but they both have the same spawn command and the general command spawn me on the roof can you build it like this that we can change the command to our liking??
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    I do not know very much about overwriting other commands. I used some other Spawn plugins for my server, but started to code the important commands by myself. What other commands does General provide?
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    also, for my server, i use permissions and im the highest level and im an op, i want it so on i will be able to set spawn so as im the only op am i the only one who can set it?

    Sorry if its hard to understand.

    Great plugin though, really good work [cake] have a cake.
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    Thanks for the cake, I did not implement permissions support yet. As long as your are in the "ops.txt" list you are able to set the spawn. I will work on Permissions support soon.
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    woot can't wait for random spawn!
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    Any problems or bugs like 10 GB files or similar stuff? :(
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    When i set spawn as an op do all the other players spawn there?
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    Yes new players, players who die and players who type /spawn will spawn there.
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    Good work on this plugin!
    +1 for permissions support.

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