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    HomeX - Basic Home Plugin
    Version: 0.7
    Supports: Permissions [optional]

    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)">Download: Dropbox</font>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


    This plugin offers two basic commands to save and teleport to your home position.
    Please leave some feedback and/or criticism below.

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">Setup:</font>
    1. Extract the "HomeX.jar" from the "" folder to your plugins directory.
    2. Restart your server or use the reload command.

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">Commands:</font>
    * /sethome
    * /home

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">Permissions:</font>
    * HomeX.sethome
    * HomeX.home
    * HomeX.* (for both commands)

    Version 0.7
    * Removed some unnecessary code.
    * Updated to the latest Bukkit build.
    * Removed delay function (there are warmup/cooldown <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">plugins</font>).
    * Updated for the latest Permissions version.

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    Version 0.6
    * If delay is enabled, players will not be teleported if they moved while waiting to be teleported.
    * Special thanks to KSib!

    Version 0.5
    * Update to work with the latest Bukkit build.

    Version 0.4
    * Added Permissions support.

    Version 0.3
    * Set a delay in seconds, if the delay does not equal 0 players will be teleported after the determined amount of seconds (plugins/HomeX/data.txt).
    * Disable the home command for all players except Operators, search for the line "enabled=" in "plugins/HomeX/data.txt" and put true or false behind "enabled=".

    Version 0.2
    * Rewrote and cleanup of the whole code.
    * Plugin saves X, Y, Z, Yaw and Pitch (Exact Spawn).
    * Players are able to save their homes for different worlds (Multiworld support).

    Version 0.1
    * Initial release.

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    it works fine on 818 :D
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    isnt this the same as Simplehome?
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    SimpleHome didn't work for #818, I doubt it works for #860
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    ..i have a problem with this plugin.
    Can who help ?

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    this is my problem ( sry for download :) )

    what i can do ?:(
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    Hi uh So I have done the extracting but WHERE is the Plugins folder :confused:?

    and I dont have anthing other than the deault server stuff.
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    Kevin Forte

    You must be using Minecraft_Server.exe as opposed to CraftBukkit. I made the same mistake :p
    ALSO: @Zelnehlun Source please for this? :)
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    Do you think you could have the delay on your SpawnX plugin? That would be great if you could!
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    doesnt work at 860 (the permissions 3x)
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    how to make it work for normal players?
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    When ever I or anyone else tries to use a homex command, they don't have permission, where do you edit this?
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    When i type /sethome it says that i don't have access to that command, what do i do?
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    How do you set it so when you try /sethome it allows you to do it, instead of saying you don't have permission?
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    Same problem, says I don't have permission to do the command.
    When I load up the server, I have iConomy also, and it says whenever I load it up that iConomy has "hooked into Permissions" but HomeX just says "HomeX enabled" without anything about Permissions. Is that something that may...affect it? Idk what I'm doing here lol
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    @Zelnehlun this plugin done? Looking for a new /home /sethome plugin but it sounds like you may have discontinued?
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    I have plans to continue it some days after I am back from vacation. Don't worry it will not be discontinued. Or maybe I'll even start today working on it as I may have to delay my vacation for one or two weeks, we'll see.

    Updated to the latest Bukkit & Permissions build. Please report any bugs you encounter as I removed some chunks of the code. Thank you for your patience :)

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    Removed the delay function? Bummer... its nice to have had in your plugin as it eliminated the need for an additional plugin. Ah well, hope you bring it back... but still one of my favorite plugins!
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    Oh yeah that is a good point, I forgot about that. I'll bring it back! ;)
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    Yes please bring it back, I'd perfer not having to download more plugins to deal with!!
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    this comes with craftbukkit
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    hey nice and simple plugin thats wut i needed thanks man
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    not to rag but like i said it coes with crafbukkit as a default commnad
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    This is not a CraftBukkit command as of the latest stable build. Don't confuse people. :p
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    it wont work always says u dont have permission

    actualy it works not but the HomeX.* doesnt work i had to but the 2 comands for some reason

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    Does this NEED permissions?
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    No it does not. It works without Permissions too.
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    Does Spawning items still work after i install this plugin to my server?
    Cause the other day I installed a different home plugin , (OpenWarp) and it messed up the item spawning and kept saying "Unknown Command"
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    Item spawning will still work if your command for spawning items is not /spawn.

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