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    BukkitHome - Home made simple
    Version: 0.1
    Supports: not yet

    Download: Dropbox
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    This Plugin simply give you home commands without permissions that everybody could use

    1. Put the BukkitHome.jar in the /plugins folder
    2. Type "reload" in console or "/reload" as op

    * /sethome
    * /home

    Version 0.1
    * Plugin Release
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    It'a totaly safe i used it in my server it actually worked bether than the setspawn bukkit plugin. It's doesen't lagg at all! I used this for my server very long! Try it! Nice!:)[goldore]
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    you had access to this plugin before it actually released?
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    yes - he is my mate - he plays on my server pistoncraft.net

    he has personly a hamachi server

    please try it and say it work - i really want to come in Realeses

    dralletje må jeg si var ordinert
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    Yes i tried the beta Jagd send me it! :D We are buddys but it's working very well! Try it if u wonna to....[diamond]
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    request: can you make it so it has a warm up as in, you have to wait x amount of time before it takes you home and if you move/are struck it cancels the /home request?
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    I will try to do that
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    What if we are in the End? Will it still tp? 'Cause it's in another world. And does this support multiworld???

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