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    stop server
    delete jar and config
    start server
    stop server
    install jar
    start server
    go ingame to spawn and write /setspawn , or /spawnset ? one of these :)
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    Why can't I trade nether warts through signs? Everything else works, even blaze rods. I try netherwart but it says I don't have enough, yet I have a stack in my inventory. Is this a bug? :(

    Btw I'm using the latest pre-release for #1597.

    [EDIT] I figured it out - it's called "nether stalk". Nether WART is the block item (#115) which can't be obtained unless you /give it, so shouldn't wart be #372? [/EDIT]
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    Pre Release won't work

    (The link)
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    link works
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    I know it is..
    But some players dont break big rules and then jail is the best solution.
    I'm not going to ban someone who just combat logged or something.
    And a kick is more like a warning and nothing else.
    I think it is very easy to edit the code to make it no commands or at least no kill commands.
    And the respawn position at death is also not much.
    So i hope there is a way you could add this in the plugin.
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    Ok resolved... sorry. Doc on the wiki isn't really accurate... Need to do :
    /home <playername>:<location> where location could be home or bed (I suppose)
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    Umm... getting an odd error...
    2011-12-13 11:38:48 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.0.1
    2011-12-13 11:38:48 [INFO] Loading properties
    2011-12-13 11:38:48 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565
    2011-12-13 11:38:48 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-1.8.1-R4-107-g57bd936-b1578jnks (MC: 1.0.1) (Implementing API version 1.0.0-R1-SNAPSHOT)
    2011-12-13 11:38:50 [INFO] LWC: Loading shared objects
    2011-12-13 11:38:50 [INFO] LWC: Protection cache: 0/10000
    2011-12-13 11:38:50 [INFO] LWC: Native library: plugins/LWC/lib/lib/native/Windows/amd64/sqlitejdbc.dll
    2011-12-13 11:38:50 [INFO] [LogBlock] Version check: Your version is up to date
    2011-12-13 11:38:50 [INFO] [LogBlock] Connecting to root@jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft...
    2011-12-13 11:38:51 [INFO] [Register] Preferred method [null] not found, using first found.
    2011-12-13 11:38:51 [INFO] [Register] version 1.5 is enabled.
    2011-12-13 11:38:51 [INFO] CleanroomGenerator version 0.0.4 is enabled!
    2011-12-13 11:38:51 [INFO] Preparing level "main"
    2011-12-13 11:38:51 [INFO] Default game type: 0
    2011-12-13 11:38:51 [INFO] Preparing start region for level 0 (Seed: 1583441738)
    2011-12-13 11:38:51 [INFO] Preparing start region for level 1 (Seed: 1583441738)
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] Preparing start region for level 2 (Seed: 1772835215)
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] Preparing spawn area: 0%
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions] Stats are being kept for this plugin. To opt-out for any reason, check plugins/stats.
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions 1.9.2] Using yaml for Permissions
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions 1.9.2] Created PermissionSet for world:main
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions - debug] Setting up config for world:main
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions - debug] Setup players for world:main took 1ms.
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions 1.9.2] WorldPermissionsManager engaged
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions 1.9.2] SizeOf.jar not in startup path, skipping!
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions 1.9.2] To enable bPermissions to track its memory usage, add SizeOf.jar to the startup script
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions 1.9.2] See http://sizeof.sourceforge.net/ for details
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [bPermissions 1.9.2] Enabled
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] [BukkitHTTPD] v0.1.11 enabled!
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] BukkitSpeak Version: 0.22 enabled.
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [INFO] CommandSigns version1.2.0 is enabled.
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [SEVERE] * ! * Bukkit version is not the recommended build for Essentials.
    2011-12-13 11:38:52 [SEVERE] * ! * You need atleast build 1597 of CraftBukkit, download it from http://ci.bukkit.org.
    I have Build 1597.. Ive redownloaded the build from ci.bukkit.org 3 times now with no change..
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    works for RC 1.0.1?
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    Just made an account to say, I love the work you are doing here, keep it up =)
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    i have "you moved too quickly :( (haking" with RC 1.0.1
    error, but i am OP
    can you help me?
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    I just upgraded to the testing version and now my player names are all goofy. I use Towny for tags and such, but now that ive got this version its adding an extra group name next to the username. I cannot seem to find where it is telling it to do this either in Essentials or Towny. As I never touched towny's configs, I know it was this plugin that has broken the name tag... it shows as [EE:RT] Admin Emperor AdminRedStoner: msg
    The second admin attached to my name is the issue. It does this for all ranks. Any suggestions on this?
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    I do that every time a new plugin is up. I never keep the old yml files, I do them again because there could be a change. So that's not it.
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    Having an odd problem going on since the update.
    All users that dont have the essentials.* permission get "you do not have permission for that after they have placed a sign. The sign stays there after but the spam is getting on some peoples nerves. No errors in the log either. It seems to be a problem with a permission but I cant see anything that would relate to being able to palce signs.
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    Users no longer have permission to use spawn-mob signs, even though they have the essentials.signs.use.spawnmob node. How do I fix this?
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    Alright, thanks!
    yes essentials do have multiple homes.
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    So how do I do items like healing potion (373:8197) through the [Trade] signs? Sell/but is no issue, but with trade we have tried:
    1 healthpotion - does not fit
    1 healing- unknown item name
    1 health - unkknown item name
    1 373:8197:1 - Line 3 is invalid
    1 8197:1 - Line 3 is invalid. Unknown item ID 8197

    and so on... So how is this done since there are two colons being used? Buy/Sell is no problem since you don't need any colon on the item line
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    I had to get rid of Essentials from my server, it was stoping me from pouting lava and water from buckets.
    I think there may be a conflict between Essentials and Bananaregion.
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    it might be disabled on your config.yml for essentials
    look for this on your config
      # Users cannot PLACE these types of blocks/items.
      # < 255 designates a BLOCK
      # > 255 designates an ITEM (Some blocks can be placed as blocks OR items; lava blocks can be placed by lava buckets, for example.)
        placement: 326,327,14,56,46,11,10,9,8
    remove 326 and 327
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    It all of a sudden started happening so I dont see why I would have to do that ?
    I could drop lava and water one second and then not the next.
    Getting rid of essentials allows me to drop both again.
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    Maybe your in the spawn area? or if you downloaded the full essentials package, it might have overwritten your previous config files
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    Nope it was happening to more than just me on my server, and the others were far away from my location.
    I was also getting some odd java errors going from the nether and back again.
    Looked like sign issues.
    Maybe the bananregions signs were all of a sudden conflicting with essentials.
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    i´ve got problem, when i use WormHoleXtremeWorld, and create new world essentials starts to spam : "You stay awake throught night."
    Any ideas?
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    @MikoXable That message is not part of Essentials

    @nvrsbr Report the java errors to our ticket system please.

    @Rsredmage Try 1 373,8197:1
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    The Pre Release of Group Manager is not working for me. I can't break blocks or access chests or use switches. Everything else with the Pre Release works. Not having any issues with any of the Essentials stuff, just Group Manager. I'm using build 1597.
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    Hey guys how i can i give Moderators the Ability to place restricted blocks in EssentialGuard like Fire or Lava? im Using PermissionsEx
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    it dosent work for some reason, i used it all the time when 1.8 was out then i waited for ages for it to update and i installed it and nothing happens can any one help? (but it does say essentials protect is in emergency mode and i installed all of them)
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    I'm an op and I am not required to sleep to pass the time. Is there any way to make it so I need to sleep in addition to everyone who is not an op.
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    Just upgraded to 2.7.1 from 2.6.5 and now my chat formats are a little off.. anywhere {PLAYER} or {DISPLAYNAME} occur, they are in red.. even in the motd... any fix for this? I have all the "group-formats" formatted the same as the were on 2.6.5...

    Edit: nevermind, seems like it's just ops... anyway to change the color?
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