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    Please update GM! :rolleyes:
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    Holy Crap! Essentials 2.5.8 works with CB: 1149!!!!!
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    I absolutely appreciate your hard work and effort that you guys put into this plugin to better the lives of others. However I don't appreciate your snarky response to an my ignorant question, I don't deny the fact that questions like that are very annoying to developers such as yourself, but all that was required of you in that situation was to point out my mistake and tell me where I could find the information I was looking for, which you did, but in the rudest way possible. And if you say that you don't have the time in your day to be answering these questions then you should not have answered the question in the first place, let alone gone out of your way to be so rude about it.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I HIGHLY appreciate what you guys are doing here, otherwise I would not be here. So if you'll have my apology for being Ignorant and blind to the previous posts in my rush, then I think we can just move from this pointless web drama.
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    Ayah Guys!

    I was wondering if your wonderful plugin is compatible with the Permission plugin named PermissionsEx (PEX) ?

    I had to make the change since good ol' permissions is no longer updated, and so far, everyon still has access to the commands provided by Essentials in their full suit.

    I used the nodes - essentials.*.* for my config file, since the installation of PEX says so, but since Permissions was based on -'essentials.*.*', should I still use that?

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    The "cost per use" for Essentials sign work with iConomy 6?
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    Try Permissions 2.57 or BukkitPermissions
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    Can anyone tell me which parts of essentials are working with 1149? I know EssentialsGroupManager isn't. What about the rest of the set? Thanks
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    • When will you release an updated version of Essentials?
    Not until there is a recommended build of CraftBukkit for MC 1.8, it also depends on when we get the time to actually work on it. So "when it's done".​
    • Does Essentials 2.5.8 work with MC 1.8?
    Maybe, since there will be probably api changes in bukkit. We do not recommend to use it until 2.6 is released.​

    but i am still using 2.5.8 on a craftbukkit build 1146 and it work but server cant keep up and random blocklistener error from Essentials

    just rename EssentialsProtect.jar to EssentialsProtect.broken <------ ;p or just remove it from the plugins folder
    the other Essentials will run even without

    "I can't make public rails" but all you realy need to do is edit this line in the Essentials config.yml

    # Prevent users from destoying rails
    rails: false <---- Make This true

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    Does Essentials Chat works with bPermissions?

    I have set the following options:

      builder: '&e<{DISPLAYNAME}> &f {MESSAGE}'
      moderator: '&3<{DISPLAYNAME}> &f {MESSAGE}'
      admin: '&c<{DISPLAYNAME}> &f {MESSAGE}'
    It doesn't work. I'm using 2.6.10 dev version
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    what does reclaim memory on logout do?
    is it a good idea to change it to true?
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    It has the potential to help the server run better but only if a lot of people are not logging out. If this is set to true, you will lag when 3 or more people logout I recommend leaving it false, it's more reliable. But the best thing to do is just try it and watch for lag spikes when people logout. In the server console you will see playername disconect quiting ##.00mb memory freedup
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    Real helpful.

    You could at least pinpoint to where they are located.
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    Anyway to change Ops/Operator Displayname color in EssentialsChat ? I have myself set at as owner but the Ops color for name overides Group:Owner name color, But uses the rest of the colors from owner.

    Thanks, For any help

    <--Gettin tired. :( Found it..

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  15. I need help with the jails command, I made a jail then use command /setjail "cellname" then when i used /togglejail "player" "cellname" it would jail them for 1 second. :/ halp
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    Can someone please help me with my group manager file bellow! I really want to get my server up but I need this!

    Attached Files:

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    Hi! with the new version 2.5.8 you have added "Multiple homes for users"... It's possible to limit the number of max homes for users?

    thx for your wonderful plugins!!:D
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    i configed essentials base config folder up, now we cant pvp in my server D: what line did i mess up on? :p
    Thanks :)

    i also use groupmanagers :D)
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    I just want to say this: I LOVE GroupManager. Please NEVER give up work on it, as it's VERY appreciated by me and my server. Thank you so much!
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    maybe if i put essentials.protect.pvp on default class, and set it so they can still attack eachother with that on, is that how i turn pvp on?
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    I'm having a problem with wood doors not working at spawn.

    They seem to split and only open part way. They can only be used or destroyed by ops, so regular members are having a hard time getting around the spawn.

    Does anyone know of a fix for this. We had working doors before 1.8.1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    if possible can you make a group manger style plugin using superperms
    it seems that some people (citizens) is dropping support for this great plugin witch (from what I have seen) much simpler and more effective then most other permissions plugin

    EDIT* i know this is the wrong place but still
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    Has anyone tested Essentials 2.6.23 with Bukkit 1166? How does GroupManager and everything else perform? Any game breakers?

    EDIT: Found someone in the IRC who says it all works 100%!
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    where do i go to download the dev builds of this plugin group?
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    I create trade sign from tutorial and got message "error: there is nothing to collect from this trade sign"
    10 dirt

    What's wrong? Essentials 2.5.7, bukkit 1060, all permissions on player.
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    go to the irc channel listed in the first post, and type +devb in the chat.
    Do you have essentials eco installed?
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    could i use this for 1.8 when i say this i mean the 2.5.8 version because i am new to bukkit, i usuallly use different server bases... but i need some starter comands that are goodand quick till i get use to the bukkit system
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    Download the latest developer build of bukkit from http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/ then download the latest developer build of Essentials from the IRC channel.
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    ok thanks mate....and i am running on a mac so this is all compatible right?

    you have to change your permissions

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