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    what is groupmanager commands?
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    "groupmanager" is alternative to "permissions", it controls all permissions.
    if you want to use ingame commands like "/manuadd player group", it doesn't work at the moment. the essentialsupdate 2.4 in next 48 hours will solve this. but the plugin groupmanager with it's permissions works.
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    ok so like to add a player to like admin i need to do it on my server comp?
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    Why Can i Not Use the /Whois Name Command anymore?? it says it doesnt Exest Anymore?? someone please help
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    Is it updated yet? the topic name says 928
    But their wiki still have May old news
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    When will Permissions 3 be supported. This is the only plugin that has problems with it and it is preventing me from starting my server up. It doesn't listen to Permissions at all, and every other plugin I have installed does.
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    I plan to use group specific spawn points, especially i want to move the default/normal/beginning spawn point to another location. Can i simply create a spawn point for the default group (defined by Permissions) and have all new users (those who join the server the first time and have no user file but get placed in the default group by Permissions in terms of user rights) spawning at these location? Or does this spawn point setting only work for users which are allready added to one of the groups manually and not for the ones which are unknown for the server (BUT placed in the default group by Permission the time they join first [but of course without adding them to Permissions user/groups yml files, which has to do manualy]).​
    btw. all users i know are placed in a non default "Member" group but i want to spawn all unknown (default group) users in a special region.​
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    On my server, i turned /socialspy on but it ONLY shows messages when people use the /r command...
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    Hey on my server when i try to change someones group it says "unknown console command" and this never happened in the past. I am running the new craftbukkit build [928] and i have essentials group manager and essentials group bridge installed allong with all other components of essentials!
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    Any problem with GroupManager commands is because other plugins breaking it. Please check which one it is and bother the plugin dev about it.
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    Hello, im using essentaisl and permissions, now i use essentialsspawn for setting a spawn
    i also want newbies to spawn at a different location, is there any way to get the groups from permissions to work with the setspawn <group> from essentials?

    [edit] What does essentialsGroupbridge do?
    [edit2] i found on the wiki this:
    For all your /spawn and /setspawn needs, though there is an added convenience for those who have Permissions installed. You can set a global spawn AND a group spawn point.

    but how? it doesnt change my spawnpoint if i set it to my group
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    BigBrother and EasyFlight break the commands like /manuadd etc...

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    i found it, just newbies works for new comers rest is 1 spawn
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    Another info for those who downloaded it in the last 4 hours or so: You downloaded 2.3.3 (check your version) because our build server were not in sync. The download links now point to the 2.3.4 version.
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    Using v2.3.4 on CB b928 and warp and home aint working.
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    As with many others the /manuadd, etc commands aren't working. However, can someone tell me, is the actual permissions functionality unaffected? Will the plugin still read from the .ymls and control permissions appropriately? If so then this isn't a big deal as I can just manually edit.
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    Yes, the permission functionality is not affected.
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    -.- I am using build 928 and essentials 2.3.4 but it isnt wroking for some reason. Help?
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    @Relister and others: If none of the commands work and there is no error in the console of the server, please list your plugins here paste a server startup log to Pastie.
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    Well I found a workaround for the GM commands not registering.. well the same one that worked with iConomy.. Put a "a" infront of your EssentialsGroupManager and possible Groupmanager bridge too. So they load first. That did the trick for me.
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    @Vittek: This will work on some servers, but not all.
    @ssechaud: too many plugins x_x please post a server startup log to http://pastie.org and link it here.
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    ok here it is http://pastie.org/2122331
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    @ssechaud: It's nSpleef
    @Akintudne: What is that Anti-Grief plugin? I can't find it.
    @Reilster: Probably Factions
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    I'm also having the /manuadd problem. Here's my plugins. I have nSpleef too but seeing as I've not updated that plugin and it's stopped working makes me wonder how it's that causing the conflict.

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    Thanks, confirmed, removing nSpleef solves it. I have posted on that plugin's thread.
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    @coomdoom: Update to 2.3.6
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    How often does your build service trigger? As of this posting, the download link is pointing to 2.3.5.

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