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    downgrade nocheatplus
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    Sorry, what i meant is, is there a way to disable hunger while a player is jailed.

    I sort of lost track of what i was saying, what i was saying before was is there a way to disable hunger inside a worldguard region, which doesn't really apply to essential jails.. :p
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    not as of now, but you can suggest it on the tracker.
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    Is it a essentials problem that the player gets spawned randomly around the spawn area and not just in the /setspawn spot?

    sounds like you arent using essentials for /setspawn.

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    in the latest build of essentials /sethome don't work, can u check?
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    cant replicate, give more useful info.
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    When will a stable build for 1.4.6 come out! It takes so long and people hosting servers like me just have to pay our bills for nothing while we wait for you guys to hurry up! Already, 1.4.7 is out and now we're going to be waiting even longer! Speed your work up people!
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    We've had stable builds availaible for 1.4.6 since the day it came out. You should check dev.bukkit.org and our TeamCity for downloads.
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    Is there any way to make the people can register and login, I just put the Group Mananger, but i dont see how to login or register, so how do I fix that?
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    You would need a separate plugin for that.
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    get online mode true.
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    i am using pex and when I try to give perms to my different ranks, every perm works fine except for kits. Other plugin perms work fine and other essentials perms work fine, but kits won't work. I am using the latest dev build. Anyone got any ideas how to fix it? I am using the perm essentials.kits.<kitname>
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    when new players join the server they got teleport near the spawn above building i already have a hole above the spawn how to i fix this
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    i have the spawn for default so do i put default?
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    ./setspawn newbies is a unique spawn for new players, see bottom of config.yml
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    The link for the Essentials Core isn't working
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    works fine for me and about everyone else. you have hamachi?
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    Yea, I have.
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    terminate it completely, dont just 'disable' it and let it run in background, will work then.
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    I've been trying that. I just get "Error: Invalid mob type".

    Also, when I do /spawnmob (by itself), the list of valid mobs doesn't have "cat" listed in it.
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    new players spawn still mvoes
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    no, it doesnt.

    BlueJayofEvil oh, try replace "cat" with "ocelot"
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    Suggestion: Short invincibility period after teleporting (so people with /fly can't fly over lava and get you killed in a matter of seconds) Should be configurable and toggle-able in config.
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    Could anyone tell me how to use the mail system to send messages to all users?

    I have tried '/mail sendall message' and '/mail send sendall message'

    What am I doing wrong?
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    I want to use this for commonds and commands only. Is there a way to have only the commands? The segment that goes over commands also adds an economy so I don't want that? Are there any alternate plugins?
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    Anything you don't use is never even loaded. Just don't give anyone permission for things you don't want.
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    Deleted user

    Hell, most of the cracked server owners on here say that, and never end up hosting a premium server.
    Would you go to Walmart, steal a bike, crash it, and ask for help?
    The same philosophy can be found here. If you don't buy it, then you don't get support.
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