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    Why not disable the /sell command from Essentials? That's what I do in certain worlds whenever I don't want people selling in that world.
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    sir_buildalott: core

    siemaeniu: essentials.home, essentials.home.multiple nodes are also needed

    tE5la: the default worth.yml is more than needed to explain how to set it up.

    widawizz22: worth.yml is only used for command trade in /sell and /buy. disable them to disable worth.yml.
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    Thank you!
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    I have just created a hardcore grief world on my server and i want players to be able to use lava / fire / tnt etc. on this world, but i don't want them to be able to have permissions to use it on the main world.
    Is there any way to do this? thanks.
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    hola mi nombre es león, tengo una pregunta q no pronto resolver para tratar de poner una banda de señal ya sea ejemplo
    [de Comercio]
    $ 2,0
    1 Madera: 64
    no se activa antes así que no se volverá de color rojo o azul para el comercio que me ayude por favor a permitir: Oops:

    hey tu server es solo usuarios premium eso es chafa casi nadie se mete a esos :p que mal eres quitale lo premium

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    What does this mean?

    There is no explanation anywhere how to set up this file. I have tried to reproduce a file and it doesn't work. The file does not follow a standard pattern. Can you explain the entries as I have requested?
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    Does anyone know if there is a way to disable a guest rank from being able to chat? Ive looked all over but cant find any permissions for this.
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    rangework: essentialsprotect is global. though you can give blacklist bypass to one world but not to other.

    lion52: speak english, please

    te5la: its the simplest file that exists:
    no metadata:
    (4 spaces)coalore: 15.0

    (4 spaces)log:
    (8 spaces)'0': 4.0

    you could see it if you would look at the default worth.yml

    kryssy: essentials doesnt block chat
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    Could someone please help me out?
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    essentials only controls if TNT can explode or not. not the items that drop.
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    Is it possible to change how it notifies users that the group has been changed? Something saying you have been promoted instead of you have changed groups. If so how?
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    Is there a way that I can give a certain group a custom teleportation warmup? My default is 5 seconds, but I'd like my higher ranked players to be able to teleport in 3.
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    bro1010: you cant
    dinoscope: theres one warmup for all, sorry.
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    Hi! is it possible that i can change default ban reason so it does not say "Ban hammer has spoken"

    I know there is /ban name reason but i do still want to change ban reason, as the url i have to type each time is rather long!

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    i tried to use the livechat and they say my ip is banned . it was my first time using it .
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    check your PM's
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    Make better banningsystem pls, so higher ranks can ban lower ones but not other way around. Still awsome plugin with tons of features. Thanks for making Minecraft Servers easy to control :)
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    already does it.
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    hey necrodoom yo ocupo el comando para activar el essentiasl de letreros para actictivar ya sea
    1 madera:64
    o tambien
    1 madera:0
    and speak spanish porfavor tengo que usar google traductor
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    couldnt translate what you said.

    is this what you want? http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Sign_Tutorial
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    This is probably a noob question, but how do I add a player to a different group other than default in group manager?
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    you are making no sense.. are you talking about "moving too quickly" message? thats not essentials.

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    If I hadn't looked at it, how would I have copied and pasted part of its code here? The reason I asked is because it doesn't follow a consistent pattern. Some lines have an item and a value beside it, like:

    stone: 2.0 (I have tried making a list like this and it doesn't work)

    Others have nothing on the same line, but two amounts on the next line:

    '0': 1.0

    Nothing explains what the difference is here. This is why I have asked. Rather than take all the time complaining about "It's easy, you should automatically know", why not just explain these?

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    Add name matching?

    Say my member "iliketurtles9635", changes his name using /nick to "Turtles". That's all well and good, and he loves it.

    Until he finds out that people have to /msg or /tpa iliketurtles. Now, that's confusing! Because a lot of people know him by "Turtle". People are constantly asking "Hey Turtles what's your real name?".

    I think this is possible, because when you type /whois Turtles, it shows their real name in their information.

    So, using this idea, you could make it so when a player types "/msg turtles", it is sent to "iliketurtles9625".

    Thanks, other than that, this plugin is flawless.
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    the way you did it should work fine, not sure why it didnt work. theres no actual difference, just if you dont specify metadata, it defaults to 0
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    Thank you. Would not having some items with a value cause the entire thing not to work? If an item is left out completely, will the user get the "you can't sell that item on the server" message?
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    is there a possible way to edit this so instead of "<Prefix+Name+Suffix> msg" to have "Prefix+Name+Suffix: msg" if it is possible please tell me how to change this :\

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