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    Questtion :
    When will be this list ingame updated ?
    by server all xx Hours ? or only with server restart ? or by hand with a command ?
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    Regarding group manager-Is there any way we could get a plugin like /manpromote that will set that users rank to the desired one on ALL worlds. Currently i do '/manpromote player trusted' on the world say skylands. and to get their rank to trusted on other worlds to i have to do the same for every world. im asking for a command that will promote the player to trusted on all worlds in 1 command. (btw if this already exists plz tell me)
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    Hey Dev team,
    You probably do not know me, but I have set up a completely kid friendly server that has a capacity of 80 people. I need some help in making this server fun but not taking out of surviving in Minecraft. Really if anyone is reading this and they would like to help me post a comment on the forum post. Any help is very much appreciated!
    Some Problems:
    • Monsters aren't attacking nonops
    • Kids can spawn items
    Forum post:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic...-80-slots/page__gopid__11584949#entry11584949.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Is there anyway to make it so that ops don't have access to all Essentials commands by default? I give some people op and some people elevated permissions who do not have op with good reason. Something like "no-op-permissions:" in the config.yml just like WorldEdit would be nice.
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    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">I Am Making A TXT File With EVERY Essentials Command In It Because I Know How Long It Takes To Add Every Single Essentials Command In.</font>
    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">I Will Try To Keep This Up To Date With Every Essentials Update.</font>
    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">I Will Also Include A Suggested Part In The TXT Making It EVEN EASYER To Make A Permissions File All You Will Have To Do To It Is Copy The Permissions And Paste Them In Your Permissions File (PermissionsEX)</font>
    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">The DOWNLOAD Link Will Be Right Here:</font>
    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)"><font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">----[</font> <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="rgb(0, 255, 0)">Thank You And Have A Happy Holiday!</font>
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    1). I know how long it takes to enter in all of the nodes in permissions (AGES).
    2). This is basicly copy and paste, i have made my recommended list of what player should have what so if you want to you can copy and paste a whole list of commands all at once and just paste it in the group .
    3). Its Christmas and I would like to help others out.
    4). Why do you care?
  8. I have a bug :(

    God mod and no damage in creative dosn't work at all : /

    Conflict with modloaderMp ?

    Edit: I found the problem : DayJobs..
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    Is there anyway to clear or disable the unlimited items list? Currently if a user is given permission to the /unlimited command, and they're then demoted revoking the permissions, they still have an unlimited items list in their userdata/[username].yml file.

    That is unless I am missing a config setting or permission.

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    Well first of all you have illegitimate permissions, i.e.:

            - essentials.give.item-<itemname>
            - essentials.give.item-[itemid]
            - essentials.itemspawn.item-[itemid]
            - essentials.itemspawn.item-[itemname]
            - essentials.kit.[kitname]
            - essentials.unlimited.item-[itemid]
            - essentials.unlimited.item-[itemname]
            - essentials.help.[pluginname]
            - essentials.spawner.[mob]
            - essentials.spawnmob.[mob]
            - essentials.sethome.multiple.[set]
            - essentials.warp.[warpname]
            - essentials.nocommandcost.[command]
    Secondly, I myself tried to do the same thing as you except with the give/itemspawn/unlimited commands. It was a mess. It's best to add permissions as they come. I mean will all groups of any server use all these commands?
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    MineCleric said:
    Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it​
    what does it mean?
    lundahldaniel said:
    It means that the server's own permissions.yml file is empty. Maeby you'r using a permissions plugins or not using permissions at all.

    What should it be there?? and what should I do??:eek:
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    My players can't use /home or /spawn. It says "Error: Time until next teleport is 4 hours, 7 hours, etc.
    I set the cooldown time to 120 seconds (It WAS 0) and it still happened! I cant even tp players to me and I am owner.
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    Whenever I restart my server, players cannot use the /spawn or /tjail commands, and I can't give myself items with /give. It says "Error: Player not found" or "Error: Destination not set", but whenever I do the /essentials reload command, it works again. This problem is very annoying, is there a fix?
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    You dont know if any1 will or not so STFU and those essentials.spawnmob.[MOB] Is for people that would only like to spawn a few types of mobs...

    EDIT: Has any1 made an [enchant] sign
    Can sum1 tell me how to make them work i cant get them too

    This Prob Wont Take Up Much Time.
    Make the enchant sign able to enchant stacked armor/weapons.
    I know you can do this with commands but id rather type the command once on a sign than do it for a hole set of diamond.

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    /delhome isn't working, at least for one of our players (haven't yet tested them all). This is the userdata YML for the player:
    npc: false
    socialspy: false
        login: 1325494804027
        lastteleport: 1325428396233
        logout: 1325494752891
    powertoolsenabled: true
    muted: false
        size: 0
    godmode: false
    teleportenabled: true
    newplayer: false
    afk: false
    jailed: false
        yaw: -41.366577
        pitch: 8.400352
        z: 420.6875
        y: 48.0
        world: Pelitcraft
        x: 274.125
            yaw: -159.71655
            pitch: 27.000353
            z: 414.59375
            y: 44.0
            world: Pelitcraft
            x: 274.59375
            yaw: 18.65857
            pitch: 12.59973
            z: 895.71875
            y: 63.0
            world: Pelitcraft
            x: -1720.0625
    His user group has been given the "essentials.delhome" node. When the user tries to delete "/delhome lampaat", he gets a notification that "lampaat has been removed". But it is still there, and he cannot add a new home (we have a restriction of maximum 2 homes for the normal players). I can see from the userdata YML file that the home has not been removed. Moreover, if I try to remove his home "lampaat" manually from that file, after a relog, it magically appears there again!
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    is there a way i can block users connecting from Anonymous Proxies when i am using EssentialsGeoIP to locate them?
    i just checked a guy user data and it said at geolocation: Anonymous Proxy and that means he uses a proxy to change his IP and i want to block that so only users from a REAL country can connect(and with a real IP)
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    latest essentials, /setspawn is resetting after every server restart (using multiworlds, setspawn in added world)

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    If you use /essentials reload, it fixes it, but it is still very annoying.
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    I have the plugin =, and i have the "world" groups configured like this;

    Then when i go on i see this;

    I want to get rid of the "[Owner]" at the begining but i dont know how.
    Any help on the matter?

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    just remove the prefix &aOwner
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    Im having the same issue with /tp. It can be fixed by reloading essentials but is extremely annoying. Idk what caused it either. It was working just fine yesterday and now today it wont work for me. I didnt update any plugins or change any configs either :\
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    I was wondering if you could implement private warps or individual warp permissions. This would make events a lot easier to host and donator perks a great benefit if they could just give their friends the permission to use their warp.
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    Is there a way I could give Moderators access to use the items that I've put in the prevented/blacklisted list in essentials config?
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    Is there anyway you can blacklist the essentials.eco.loan permission node? I want my admins to participate in the economy, but the infinite money thing that you auto-get with the essentials.* permission node is bugging me.
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    Does -essentials.eco.loan not work?
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    in the configuration the placement of water and lava is blocked, but for all except for OPs what would be the permission for the placement of water for example?
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    I don't believe the gamemode permission is working.
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    How do I promote people who are offline?
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    I'm using jail on essentials and my players don't know how long are jailed. Maby exist a command to look how mutch time in jail is left ?
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    Is it possible to have more than 3 groups (default, vip, staff) for the multiple homes?

    I currently have 5 groups on my server and want each group to have a different number of homes but dont want any of them to have unlimited homes (so essentials.sethome.multiple.unlimited)

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