[GEN/INFO] TextRoots v0.4.1 - Providing textual basics [#1240]

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    TextRoots - Providing textual basics
    Download v0.4.1 [#1240]
    0.4 [#677-1185]

    TextRoots has been made for a nearly-vanilla server to provide some of the most basical textual features. At the moment it gives you the ability to welcome your players with a custom message, show them a list of players, which are online at the moment and let your users read the rules. A command to refresh the messagefiles' content is also onboard! There are sample configuration files within the download package.

    • Customizable welcome message as you join
    • /welcome command to repeat
    • /list|online command to show list of online players
    • /rules command to display all rules
    • /textroots command to refresh both messages
    • 4 variables for use in every command
    • Colourcodes support (use ampersand (&))
    • Reading from random text files like e.g. > /read news < (showing content of news.txt)
    • Modifying those files like e.g. > /mod news 5 "new line content" < (changing line 5 of news.txt)
    • You got an idea for an addition that would fit? Post it!
    Available variables:

    You can use them for both files
    • #name# - Player's name
    • #num# - Number of online players
    • #max# - Number of maximum online players
    • #list# - Shows all online players seperated by commas
    Sample configurations (open)

      Hey there &6#name#!
      Now playin' (#num#/#max#): #list#

    &4Online: &f#list#
    Changelog (open)
    Version 0.4.1 - 2011/10/04
    • Updated (now for CraftBukkit #1240 or newer)
    Version 0.4 - 2011/04/14
    • Updated (now for CraftBukkit #677 or newer)
    Version 0.3 - 2011/04/11
    • Fixed colour codes (changed from § to &)
    Version 0.2 - 2011/04/11
    • Added /rules
    • General fix for command-call from console
    • Taking care of http://bit.ly/fMhMfr now
    • Using /online as alias for /list instead of own execute command
    Version 0.1 - 2011/04/10
    • Initial release
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    If I had a vanilla server, I would definitely enjoy this.

    Thumbs up!
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    Hi fellow plugin developer :)
    I am sad that nobody is interested yet, or responding.
    I would like to use this to get rid of the essentials message.
    For this, I got a few suggestions, where I do not know if they are easy to do or not.
    First of all, I would like to be able to give a lot more informations,
    not only a welcome message but also rules, news and reading out from a text file, but that can be additional and custom.
    basically, what I miss in a lot of other text/welcome plugins is the customizablity.
    You can change preset commands which appear either by command or on start.
    that should be a bit more custom.
    Like: adding a config looking like this:

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    Nice and simple, that's how I like wellcome messages! I will switch my server to your plugin and test a little bit :)
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    I like this plugin, i got tired with the default Messages.[skeleton]
    But this one i like, but can u Implement colorcodes with the &, because i only use that from my Classic Times ;)

    Wonderful Plugin: [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]

    Keep work!
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    I don't know yet if it's possible to create custom commands out of a configuration file, but just reading out textfiles like /read (filename) (e.g. /read news, what will show contents of the news.txt file) should be possible. Writing into them with (/mod news 5 "new line content"). I'll have a look at that for next versions, don't expect thing too fast. This is my first plugin and Java experience at all ;)

    You can apply colours with the use of § . Or do you want to use explicitly the ampersand? Why?
    Done in v0.3!


    Here are my 2 updates... Download link in first post has been changed.

    Version 0.3 - 2011/04/11
    • Fixed colour codes (changed from § to &)
    Version 0.2 - 2011/04/11
    • Added /rules
    • General fix for command-call from console
    • Taking care of http://bit.ly/fMhMfr now
    • Using /online as alias for /list instead of own execute command
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    Thanks im Updating now :D
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    Again, I updated the file for the latest recommended build of CraftBukkit 677.
    No new features anyway.
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    I really like this plugin; I use it on my own server, but would it be possible to add some kind of Multi-World feature?
    Something like, getting a different message when spawning/teleporting/logging into different worlds?
    That'd be nice.
    And I'm sure you'd be the first to do so, as I didn't see any others with that feature. ;)

    If this is stupid, or otherwise impossible, sorry; I don't know much about how plugins are programed.
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    Does this plugin work with Bukkit #818? If not, I would love to have it updated, however I understand if you do't want to... But seems like a good idea!
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    Works as a charm with latest recommended build! No problems noticed.
    Thanks for notifying, updating the title now.
  12. very nice plugin for my server
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    Still works fine with CP #1185. Thumbs up!
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    Here you go, version 0.4.1 - just updated my build of bukkit and recompiled the file.
    Really happy that the old version worked since #670 with every CraftBukkit build :)

    New download in first post; if you have any wishes or requests just post them!

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