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    The kit bit of info is: "[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near "AUTOINCREMENT": syntax error)"

    What database are you trying to use and is it setup right? I've tested HSP against MySQL and Sqllite. The control for which it uses is in your bukkit.yml, so make sure your database information is setup right there.
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    There is no download link...
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    Same, i cant find the download link
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    Could think to add something like social home?
    Like invit some1 to use your home and he could accept or something like that?
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    my server doesn't have a permission plugin! can you please add a feature in the config, that you can allow the commands for players?
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    Since most plugins do NOT support "no permissions" very well, I fail to understand how most people operate a server this way. Most all modern plugins support superperms and you already have superperms because it's built into Bukkit, so you could just read up on that and configure your permissions.yml to your liking, no permissions plugin is required.

    Nevertheless, if you insist on not using/learning permissions, HomeSpawnPlus DOES support "op-only" quite well, read up on it here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/homespawnplus/pages/permissions/#w-ops-only

    Yes, there is an open enhancement request for this:


    But I'm a busy man with lots going on in RL as well as my own server to run, so I tend to be slow when it comes to adding new features - especially one as involved as this since it requires some new database fields, which means lots of testing required to ensure seamless upgrades. I'll eventually get to it since it's the most often requested outstanding feature. Or if some other dev is so motivated to add the feature, I do accept code pull requests as long as they follow the general style/design pattern of the existing code base.

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    No problem man just looking for it if it takes some time i'll wait :)
    Ive not seen it on the dev page :D
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    I know, but I mean in the last version you could write down the permissions in the config. I was confused why you removed that.

    EDIT: ... too dumb to put these permission nodes in the right place of the config:confused:
    EDIT2: this doesn't work for me ._.
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    Minecraft 1.2.4 Server
    Preconfigured bukkit server with home spawn plus, pail server and anti x-ray mods added
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    [quote uid=90600149 name="Fi3t3" post=1016767]I know, but I mean in the last version you could write down the permissions in the config. I was confused why you removed that.

    EDIT: ... too dumb to put these permission nodes in the right place of the config:confused:
    EDIT2: this doesn't work for me ._.[/quote]

    This code has not changed in a very long time. Here is the exact code HSP uses to determine permissions:

        public boolean hasPermission(CommandSender sender, String permissionNode) {
       boolean result = perms.has(sender, permissionNode);
       // if using OPS system, support legacy HSP "defaultPermission" setting
       if( !result && perms.getSystemInUse() == PermissionSystem.OPS ) {
       List<String> defaultPerms = config.getStringList(ConfigOptions.DEFAULT_PERMISSIONS, null);
       if( defaultPerms.contains(permissionNode) )
       result = true;
       return result;
    As you can see, it first checks the default system and if that returns false and you've elected to use the OPS permission system (follow the wiki I linked, it tells you exactly how to do this), it will then check the "core.defaultPermissions" node and allow any permission listed there.
    If it's not working for you, check the wiki I linked again and double-check your configuration very carefully. The wiki outlines exactly how to set this up and it's intentionally made to be pretty straightforward.

    [quote uid=90659667 name="pacmanpacks" post=1044814]Minecraft 1.2.4 Server
    Preconfigured bukkit server with home spawn plus, pail server and anti x-ray mods added
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    I didn't download the file, looked rather large for a problem report (22MB). Is there an issue?

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    My only problem was, that I didn't really know where to put this code. I put it on the top (didn't work). I put it to the core: - line (didn't work). I just added it to the config like you said and it didn't work again. I was like you said very careful with that. I didn't get it to work. Here is my config at the moment:

    # While the comments in here try to be helpful, the most up-to-date
    # documentation for these options can always be found on the web at:
    # 'http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/homespawnplus/pages/config-params'
    # If you're having problems with other plugins that have registered
    # commands that you want to use with HSP (for example, CommandBook has
    # /home, /spawn and loads first alphabetically), you can uncomment the
    # below lines and HSP will then take over those commands for it's own
    # use when it loads.
    #  - home
    #  - sethome
    #  - spawn
    #  - setspawn
    # This defines which permission system HSP uses. Vault and WEPIF
    # (WEPIF is built into WorldEdit) are preferred, they both provide
    # a nice interface to all other permission systems. If you don't have
    # or don't want to use either of those, there is some native support
    # for a few other permission systems that you can use. These are
    # checked in the order they are listed for existence, and the
    # first one to match is used.
      - vault
      - wepif
      - pex
      - perm2-compat
      - superperms
      - ops
      # 0 - Ebeans storage (will go to SqlLite or MySQL, as defined
      #    by bukkit.yml)
      # 1 - Cached Ebeans - currently disabled, don't use
      storage: 0
      # this is ONLY used when "ops" is used in the "permissions" section
      # above.
      # In that case, any permissions listed here are given to everyone by
      # default (ops always have full permissions)
    #  defaultPermissions:
    #    - hsp.command.home.use
    #    - hsp.command.sethome.use
    #    - hsp.command.home
    #    - hsp.command.sethome
      # set to true to enable players setting their homes by clicking beds.
      # they must also have the 'hsp.home.bedsethome' permission.
      bedsethome: true
      # The default/main world. Strategies reference this as the default
      # world, you can change that here if you like.
      defaultWorld: world
      # set to true if you want plugin to change the spawn of the actual map
      # (ie. even if you turn this plugin off later, whatever default spawn
      # you set in various worlds will stay)
      override_world: true
      # if recordLastLogout is true, HSP will record the precise location
      # location the player logged out at and respawn them there, instead
      # of just letting Bukkit do it. This is an attempt to work around a
      # bug where people logout close to a wall and Bukkit tries to respawn
      # them in the wall
      recordLastLogout: false
      # set to true to have a bit more verbose logging in your server.log
      # about what HomeSpawnPlus is doing
      verboseLogging: false
      # set to true to have verbose logging in your server.log as
      # strategies are being evaluated - great for debugging and testing
      # your strategies when you first set them up.
      verboseStrategyLogging: false
      # Event priority; the basic assumption is that you want HSP to
      # be the final say in your onjoin/respawn event chains - if you
      # didn't want that you probably wouldn't be running HSP in the
      # first place. But you can change it here if you want to
      # for some reason.
      eventPriority: highest
      # HSP has a notion of "default home" which the player can change
      # by using /setdefaulthome. In the event that the player has
      # deleted their defaultHome and only one home is remaining on
      # a given world, this flag says to count that last home as the
      # "default" home, even if it wasn't specifically flagged as
      # the default.
      lastHomeIsDefault: true
      # localization. "en" for english, "fr" for french, etc. Will
      # use given localization if it exists, otherwise will fall
      # back to English as the default.
      locale: en
      # default color of messages. ie. %yellow%, %red%, ..
      defaultMessageColor: "%yellow%"
      # set to true if Bukkit should be forced to reload the target
      # chunk when a player teleports. This fixes "world hole" problems
      # on teleport (exactly the same as BananaChunk plugin does).
      # This option does nothing if BananaChunk is already installed.
      reloadChunkOnTeleport: true
      # Define the strategy HSP uses to determine if a player is new.
      #  BUKKIT: use Bukkit Player.hasPlayedBefore() method
      #  PLAYER_DAT: check for "player.dat" in the default world
      #  ORIGINAL: use HSP's original algorithm, which first checks
      #    HSP's database for any record, then falls back to a
      #    PLAYER_DAT check. This can be faster since it's a cached
      #    DB lookup instead of a file access, but it also means that
      #    you can't test "new player" strategies simply by removing
      #    the player.dat file.
      newPlayerStrategy: PLAYER_DAT
    # Web doc reference for event strategies:
    # http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/homespawnplus/pages/strategy-doc/
      # strategies to use when player is joining the game
        - spawnNewPlayer
        - default
      # strategies to use when player is respawning after a death
        - homeMultiWorld
        - spawnLocalWorld
      # strategies to use when player types "/spawn"
        - spawnLocalWorld
        - spawnDefaultWorld
      # strategies to use when player types "/groupspawn"
        - spawnGroup
      # strategies to use when player types "/home"
        - homeMultiWorld
      # strategies to use when player types "/home name"
        - homeNamedHome
    #  example of world-specific strategy
    #  world:
    #    myworld:
    #      onDeath:
    #        - homeLocalWorld
    #        - spawnLocalWorld
    #      onHomeCommand:
    #        - homeLocalWorld
    #  example of permission-specific strategy
    #  permission:
    #    entry1:
    #      permissions:
    #        - my.special.permission
    #      onJoin:
    #        - homeSpecificWorld:specialworld
    #        - spawnSpecificWorld:specialworld
    #      onDeath:
    #        - homeMultiWorld
    #        - homeAnyWorld
    # you can globally disable individual commands here, if needed
      home: false
      sethome: false
      spawn: false
      setspawn: false
      groupspawn: false
      setgroupspawn: false
    # cooldowns for various commands can be defined here
    # A cooldown of 0 is no cooldown at all.
      home: 60
      # if set, overrides "home" cooldown for named homes
      home-named: 0
      sethome: 0
      # if set, overrides "sethome" cooldown for named homes
      sethome-named: 0
      spawn: 60
      # if set, overrides "spawn" cooldown for named spawns
      spawn-named: 0
      groupspawn: 60
      # any cooldowns listed here will be on separate timers per
      # command argument. for example if "home-named" is listed,
      # then typing "/home home1" would start home1's cooldown,
      # and "/home home2" will be on a separate cooldown.
    #  cooldownSeparation:
    #  - home-named
    #  - spawn-named
    #  - sethome-named
    #  example of world-specific cooldowns
    #  world:
    #    myworld:
    #      # whether this world should have its own cooldowns
    #      cooldownPerWorld: false
    #      home: 120
    #      spawn: 120
    #  example of permission-specific cooldowns
    #  permission:
    #    entry1:
    #      # whether these permission should have their own cooldowns
    #      cooldownPerPermission: false
    #      permissions:
    #        - my.special.permission
    #      home: 30
    #      spawn: 30
      # globally enable or disable warmups.
      enabled: false
      # set to true if movement should cancel a warmup
      onMoveCancel: false
      # set to true if receiving damage should cancel a warmup
      onDamageCancel: false
      # individual command warmup timers
      home: 5
      spawn: 5
      groupspawn: 5
    #  example of world-specific warmups
    #  world:
    #    myworld:
    #      # whether this world should have its own warmups
    #      warmupPerWorld: false
    #      home: 10
    #      spawn: 10
    #  example of permission-specific warmups
    #  permission:
    #    entry1:
    #      # whether these permission should have their own warmups
    #      warmupPerPermission: false
    #      permissions:
    #        - my.special.permission
    #      home: 15
    #      spawn: 15
    # ability to raise or lower the limit of homes you allow
    # players to have. Can be defined on a per-world or
    # per-permission basis. (-1 = unlimited)
      # If singleGlobalHome is set, all other sections are ignored
      # and a single global home is enforced. This means typing
      # /sethome on any world will always work and it will always
      # overwrite whatever other home you had set. This can be
      # overridden by the permission "hsp.singleGlobalHomeExempt",
      # in which case the limits defined below still apply.
      singleGlobalHome: false
        perWorld: 1
        global: -1
    #  world:
    #    myworld:
    #      perWorld: 5
    #  permission:
    #    limit1:
    #      permissions:
    #        - my.custom.perm
    #        - group.mygroup
    #      perWorld: 3
    #      global: 10
    # If you have Vault installed, HSP can use that to charge prices for
    # commands using whatever economy plugin you happen to have installed.
    # Costs will not work if you do not have Vault installed.
    # http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/vault/
      # if verbose is true, the player will get a message stating that their
      # account has been charged whenever they use a command with a cost.
      verbose: true
      home: 0
      sethome: 0
      spawn: 0
      groupspawn: 0
    #  world:
    #    myworld:
    #      home: 100
    #  permission:
    #    limit1:
    #      permissions:
    #        - my.custom.perm
    #        - group.mygroup
    #      home: 250
    #      sethome: 500
        - hsp.command.home.use
        - hsp.command.sethome.use
        - hsp.command.home
        - hsp.command.sethome
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    no, its a full preconfigured server ready to run - but minecraft is updated to 1.2.5 now, so i also updated this pack :D
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    For future reference, please use pastebin instead of pasting in large walls of text (config files).

    I see two things, first, you did not adjust the "permissions" node as documented. You should only have "ops" in the list.
    Second, you added "core.defaultPermissions" at the end of the file; there's already a "core.defaultPermissions" commented out higher up. This means you now have two "core" sections in your YAML and I have no idea if that is valid YAML or not or what the behavior is. I'd suggest deleting the one you added and just uncommenting the one higher in the file and changing the permissions there to suite your needs.
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    That's no longer a problem now. I installed PEx and it works fine now. Enough of that only-OP-thing :D
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    v1.5 released:

    • refactored storage subsystem in preparation for home invite feature
    • coded full YAML backend on new storage subsystem; storage type **YAML** for individual YAML files per object (home/spawn/player) or **YAML_SINGLE_FILE** for a large single data file. YAML storage types are cached in memory for fast, efficient access. You can use the backup/restore feature to backup an existing SQL database, then convert to YAML and restore if you want to switch.
    • http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/homespawnplus/tickets/28-home-invite/ Ticket #28: home invite feature enhancement. Local testing works good, but needs mass-testing so I'm looking forward to feedback on this feature. Read the [[http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/homespawnplus/pages/home-invites/|documentation]].
    • http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/homespawnplus/tickets/77-actual-mc-spawn/ Ticket #77: show MC spawn (use /spawnlist -m)
    • added /setmapspawn for changing a map's spawn point (not really useful for HSP in any way, just a general utility command)
    • added /groupquery command for troubleshooting group problems
    • added /homelistother command to list other people's homes (permission: **hsp.command.homelistother**, alias: **/hlo**)
    • **BREAKING CHANGE**: old-style permission "hsp.command.xxx.use" no longer works; use new-style "hsp.command.xxx" (old-style permission has been deprecated since 1.0 six months ago, finally cleaning up the code)
    • http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/h...broken-compatibility-with-latest-world-guard/ Ticket #72]]: fixed WorldGuard compatibility to work with newest WorldGuard 5.5 changes
    • added Dutch translation; locale nl (thanks @Dunncann!)
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    For some reason, I cannot get ' - hsp.CooldownExempt.*' and '- hsp.WarmupExempt.*'.

    I am using essentials group manager and the hsp.command permissions are working fine.
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    Hi, I would like to do the following on my server:

    I have two parts in my world, two nations. New people need to spawn somewhere in a room under the border wall. They then have to choose what nation they want to join, by clicking a sign or something. After choosing the nation they will have to teleport to the spawn of their nation. When joining the game in the future they automatically spawn to their nation's spawn. People also need to set their own house and respawn there if they die.

    I think this is all possible with homespawnplus but I just dont know how to set it up. I use PermissionsBukkit and Essentials Economy for if that matters. Can someone tell me how to make this system?

    Thanks in advance,
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    HSP can help you accomplish this, but you will need more than HSP to do it. HSP allows you to define per-permission rules so you could setup spawns for each nation, in your use case. HSP makes it easy to define spawn rules that will allow them to go to their home or nation spawn, totally up to you.

    What you'll need is some other plugin that allows you to set permission based on a sign click or such (don't know of one, never looked) and then some plugin to allow sign warping or perhaps running of a command upon sign click.

    So, yes, HSP can help get you there, but it's only part of the solution, you'll have to find or build the other pieces yourself. I don't know if there are other plugins (like Towny perhaps?) that might offer a solution more tailored to your use case.

    Good luck.

    Sorry I really don't help with permissions troubleshooting. HSP supports just about every permission system out there by virtue of Vault and WEPIF (WorldEdit) and of course the least common denominator superperms. However, every permission system is a little different and has it's own quirks. I've seen cases where some permission systems don't implement the "*" permissions very well and people have worked around it by defining the individual nodes.

    What I'd say is if your permission plugin has some capability to check permissions, use that to confirm the player in question has the permission you intend. ie. something like: "/permcheck bob hsp.CooldownExempt.home" which should return a true/false response for whether Bob has that permission or not. If you can confirm your permission system is returning a positive perm check response (paste output here), I might be able to direct you to some additional debugging you can do to help figure out the problem.

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    Hello, please how i give acces for players, to use /home order? Players can use /sethome or bedsethome, but hot have permission for /home. Please help.
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    Permissions are documented here:


    Which links to the user commands page here:


    Which tells you the permission you need is "hsp.command.home".

    If you have assigned that permission and it's still not working, it's possible some other plugin has already registered the "/home" command and you'll need to fix that. You can verify this by typing "/hsphome" instead and if that works, but "/home" does not, you'll have to find the other plugin that is eating your /home command. Read the HSP documentation on "command usurping" if you want to use HSP to work around that issue:

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    Wonderful plugin, thanks a million.
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    - Admin
    - permissions.*
    default: true
    - modifyworld.*
    - hsp.command.home
    - modifyworld.*
    - '*'

    What is bad please? I not have anymore plugin for home.
    ///format is good only here is bad format.
    ///and.. i need plugin permissionsEx? Or normally file permissions in minecraft server folder

    xxxxx///// i have done, very thanks.

    i have one more question. When iam Admin, and im in admin group. i have permission type ( - "*" ). But i cant use command type /set spawn, or /spawn. Why? When i have permission for all command like Admin, no?

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    Please hellp me morganm, if im op, i can /spawn or /home or /Sethome . but players cant do this. i reade up some coment and in one coment you say that i must write something to PERMISSIONS to allow spawn and home. but where i can get the permissions config? i have only the starting, general confing. nothing much and i dont have permissions.yml or what i need have. please help me i realy need your plugin tu use /spawn and /sethome please to reply
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    plugin PermissionEx
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    I edited this to my confing.yml : core:
    # 0 - Ebeans storage (will go to SqlLite or MySQL, as defined by bukkit.yml)
    # 1 - Cached Ebeans - same as #0, but with in-memory caching for performance
    storage: 0

    # this ONLY used when a Permissions-compatible plugin isn't found. In that case,
    # any permissions listed here are given to everyone by default (ops always have
    # full permissions)
    - HomeSpawnPlus.command.home.use
    - HomeSpawnPlus.command.sethome.use

    then i writed this - HomeSpawnPlus.command.spawn.use
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    omg anyone will dont help me?
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    This is all very well documented on the HSP dev.bukkit.org page under Permissions. What you're missing from that page is the "permissions" section that tells HSP to use "ops-only" mode. By default, superperms is higher preference (since this is Bukkit's preferred permission system), so you have to specifically instruct HSP to use ops-only mode if that's what you want.

    All caps and phrases like "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease" are a guaranteed way to get ignored. I'm responding because I'm nice and wasn't available to answer your first question, but future messages like this will be ignored.

    This is most likely an issue with your permission system, which I don't offer any help for; please ask for help from the permission system author. Every permission system should offer some form of a "check" command so you can verify the player has access. For example, using PEX you would type "pex user snyx check hsp.command.setspawn" to see if user "snyx" has the "hsp.command.setspawn" permission. For some permission systems, "*" doesn't work like it used to in the Perm2 days; consult your documentation.

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    morganm I only want to use HSP for the groupspawns, I want everything else as vanilla as possible, I don't want the /home commands, /spawn commands etc. I don't want users to TP. How can I configure this? I have set the warmups ridiculously high but is there a better way?

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