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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by andune, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Wow, sorry folks. I haven't seen any updates for this in my forums notifications and haven't manually checked on it in a while. I see there were quite a few responses. I won't try to answer them all now, but I will do my best to give this plugin some love and get to many of these feature requests here soon. I will also move it over to dev.bukkit.org and will update this thread here when I do.

    @Rofang, make sure the "override_world" flag in config.yml is set to true. If it is set and it's still not working for you, then it's possible that feature is buggy and I will have to look into it further.
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    Thanks for the reply; I can confirm that flag is presently set as true in my file.

    config.yml (open)

    storage: 1
    bedsethome: false
    defaultWorld: Terra
    onjoin: default
    recordLastLogout: true
    ondeath: home
    oncommand: world
    groups: false
    override_world: true
    home: false
    sethome: false
    spawn: false
    setspawn: false
    groupspawn: false
    setgroupspawn: false
    home: 5
    spawn: 5
    setspawn: 0
    groupspawn: 0
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    Not to ask a question probably already asked: But can you please add Superperms/PermissionsBukkit support?
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    Techykid3, sure I'll look into it when I release the next version, it should be pretty easy to add. But, for what it's worth, any Superperms plugin worth it's salt should have a Perm2 emulation layer, which means even before I add superperms support, you should be able to use HSP perms fine through that Perm2 compatibility layer.
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    @sukosevato @7eggert @Daxiongmao87 @Homegamer I have locally developed and am testing a change that allows finer control over spawning strategies. This is not quite to the level that @7eggert is suggesting, but for example, @sukosevato, you could accomplish what you want by setting "onDeath" to the list "homeLocalWorld, spawnGroup, homeMultiWorld, spawnDefaultWorld" as an example. This would first try to spawn them in their home in their current world, or if none was found, it would then try to spawn them at their group spawn for the current world, or if none was found, it would then spawn them in their multiWorld home (ie. try looking for a home in the default world) and last if none was found, it would send them to the global spawn. I'll be testing and releasing this soon (the code is already written).

    @Jobsti I will be adding warmup in the next release which I'm working on now.

    @zipsi /setspawn should work fine. If you /setspawn in your default world (default is "world"), that will change the global default spawn.

    @locutus I have written in strategies for "nearestHome" and "nearestSpawn" and although I've not implemented these yet, I will be adding it in a future version. The goal is to allow people to be able to set multiple homes and if the admin so chooses, when they die they will spawn at their nearest home; or the admin can set multiple spawns/graveyards and the player will spawn at the nearest one. As always, the theme is that this plugin will give you full control over how you want to set it up for your server.

    @mangine I've fixed the "can't sleep" problem in the current dev build, so it will be fixed in the next release.

    @dep2011 the spawn strategies feature above should allow you to do what you're asking when it's released, although I think it may even be possible with the current version if you set it up right.

    @Techykid3 most superperms plugins support Perm2-compatibility so you're probably fine already, but the next version will have direct Superperms support as well.

    @tombik that's the first I've heard of it lagging a server. Regarding your request to have them login/join the spawn instead of their homes, you can already do that today, just set "onJoin: global" in your config and your players will always login at the global spawn.
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    Awesome ^^

    Good job man!
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    This looks like the plugin i've been searching and searching for <3
    Well, im not so sure though. I just wanna make sure i read all this correctly- would i be able to set a PERMANENT respawn point for players? I want to make a Heaven, and when players die they will go to heaven and have to go through a bit of a parkour challenge to get back down to Earth. Preferably, Heaven would be a seperate world. So can i set a permanent respawn point (in a different world) with this plugin?

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    @iMint : you can, with the caveat being there is currently no way to specify a "first login" spawn, so first login is always the default global spawn, which if you set to be your "heaven", is where new players would spawn as well; I don't know, that might be what you want. Next version will have support for a first-login spawn point, so that could be different than your heaven if you wanted.

    EDIT: actually, thinking more about it, you could just leave "onJoin" as default, and new players would be sent to the default spawn (and existing players would just login where ever they last logged out). Then you could set "onDeath" to "global" and set your defaultWorld to be that of your heaven world. Again, the next version will handle all of this a little bit nicer.
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    I am unable to use either the /home or /spawn commands. I don't use permissions on my server. I am OP.

    Basically, the /sethome and /setspawn commands both worked, but when I try to use /home or /spawn it just sends the message as a chat without my name.

    <KarrothMelu> This is normal chat
    <KarrothMelu> That's what happens when I try to go home or to the spawn.

    I get no error messages on the console and no indication of anything happening at all. As for other plugins, I have Tele++ and LoginMessage installed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    @morganm : Okay, well that sounds alright. It will really be okay for now because I have a whitelisted server where new users must apply to get in. So what I can do is, just register their accounts and then go into my Multiworld plugin and change the "CurrentWorld" of their account to default, which will work just as well. However, I still think you should add the first login to the next version, it would be much more convenient, especially for non-whitelist servers.
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    edit your config.yml and change the "core.defaultPermissions" to include the permissions of the commands you want to use, so in this case "HomeSpawnPlus.command.home.use" and ".spawn.use". Not sure why you can use sethome/setspawn but not those, could be a bug in the permissions of those commands, I'll look into it.
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    @morganm: Is it possible to have the right click behavior to set your home AND have the normal bed functionality of skipping nights if everyone is asleep?
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    @t3f yes, that is currently implemented in dev. I'm trying to find some time this weekend to wrap up some of the other features so I can get a release out soon.
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    chunks fail to load in time for the client, is it possible to load the chunk before the user is sent to their home?
    Perhaps buffering locations or forcing the chunk to remain in memory for players that are online would help.

    I've had this problem ever since 1060 and tried multiple /spawn /home plug-ins

    in case it helps: StarGate teleport is working fine.
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    I've had great success with BananaChunk, you might give that a try.

    If that doesn't work, give ForeverALoad a look. It can automatically keep chunks with chests loaded into memory, so just tell your players to keep a chest in their "home" chunk.

    However, since you're the first I've heard of this issue (ie. it's not a common problem), it would be my guess that you are running with not enough memory for your player size which is why your chunks are being swapped out, so forcing them to stay in memory is just going to make the rest of your server slower. I'd start with BananaChunk, you might find that works around the issue for your players.
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    I'm running a 1GB server (usage never maxed out), and I often fall through the floor when teleporting around with HSP. It gets fixed after a second or two, but I do fall for a while.
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    @Rofang thanks, good feedback. Have you tried BananaChunk? Back when Bukkit started having delayed chunk errors (a few RB's ago), I installed BananaChunk to solve the problem. It worked great and my players have never had a problem since.

    HSP uses the standard Bukkit routines to teleport a player, so ideally Bukkit should be taking care of this automatically. I'd be happy to "fix" HSP if I knew there were a way to do so, but I suspect I'd just be re-coding parts of BananaChunk into it. Which, actually, might not be a bad idea, so please give BananaChunk a try and let me know if it resolves the issue. If so, maybe I'll look at the code and incorporate the chunk-update parts into HSP.
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    BananaChunk fixed it, don't even have to type.
    Also gates are now super smooth.

    Rest of the map is getting worse, perhaps i should just limit the sight radius to 8 or 9 (instead of default 10)
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    Wow. I have been trying to pull together the plugins I need to be able to provide Adventure maps to my players in a way that will enforce all the intended rules for the maps. And I think this is final piece of the puzzle.

    Let me just confirm: Using this I can make it so players still set their death spawns using beds. And I can set it so for specific worlds (the adventure maps) when they die they return either to a bed in that world or to that worlds default spawn. But if they die in one of the normal worlds they will return to their bed, in whatever world that may be. Right?


    Can you make so if a players bed is blocked or destroyed they return to the next default spawn point, the way the game normally works? From the thread above it seems you currently spawn the players inside of blocks and there's no mention of what happens if a bed is broken down.

    Do beds still function as beds? Allowing you to sleep through the night. Can you make it so setting spawn using a bed only works at night? And remove the have to click twice safety feature. I.e. make it so beds work like they've always done?
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    @Ayaron your understanding of multi-world is correct, it will work as you say it does. Next version (still working on it, it's about 50% coded now) includes even more specific control over onDeath/onJoin as well, but the version that exists will already do what you want.

    In the current version, due to an unintentional bug, beds do not allow sleeping through the night. That's already fixed in the next version.

    Regarding beds being blocked or destroyed, there are currently no checks for that and I don't have plans to add that into the next version (got enough features I'm trying to release already). However, that certainly seems a reasonable request and could be added in a future version.
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    Works with #1124
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    having an issue with this plugin and bukkit #1137

    When a player dies, and clicks "Respawn" they are taken to the correct place as set by /setspawn ( on that world ). But when they respawn, I see a message in the console of " 17:14:19 [WARNING] kigam moved too quickly! " then the client gets booted with a message that they moved to quickly and something about hacking. Just kind of annoying that everytime you die you have relog to the server. Not sure what's changed if it's the 1.8 server or if this is bukkit, or possibly a combination of the two. But it looks like whatever method you are using to change the players position on spawn is making it look like they are teleporting illegally?

    I havn't tried any other teleporting plugins, so I'm not sure if those are giving the same issues. But just letting you know as people start moving towards a stable bukkit 1.8

    edit: also, only seems to happen on death/respawn. If using /spawn or /home, it doesn't detect this as cheating/hacking.
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    Have a request. Be able to set where players spawn the first time. Maybe: /setfirsttimespawn.
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    I tested this on the latest Bukkit build (#1150) and do not see this issue. I died and respawned and was sent to the spawn fine. Are you sure you aren't running another plugin that's causing this issue? (NoCheat, perhaps? I'm not running that currently) Also if you're using CraftProxy I saw users of that plugin were seeing this spawn/kick problem as well.

    Would be interested in any other feedback from others on a 1.8 spawn kick issue, I can't reproduce this error on my server.
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    Hey Guy,
    this plugin support 1 Global Spawn for multiple worlds? :)
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    I haven't been kicked, but I'm pretty sure I've gone to the original world spawn instead of my HSP spawn after dying (CB 1150). I'll have to investigate further. In the meantime, BananaChunk seems to be doing a fine job preventing hole-falling.
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    Some clarification: Now running 1185, and what I think is the only problem is that new players are placed in the world's original spawn rather than my custom spawn; typing /spawn then takes them to the right place. New players started in the right place in 1.7.3, but not in 1.8 (not for me, anyway).

    Edit: I think this was actually a case of user error. Disregard.
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    Please, please PLEASE implement PermissionsEx!
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    I don't understand? PEX implements a Perm2-compatible interface which HSP has supported since the first day. What are you after?

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