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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by andune, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Any chance on multi-homes with config control on a group by group basis of how many homes and how many multi-world homes someone is allowed?

    And I use essentialsspawn...can you import the data from that, or allow me toggle your spawn control on or off based on which works best for me?
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    Any idea how I can use this with Simple Server Wrapper?
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    so you want multiple homes per world, but you want that controlled by which group they are in? And I suspect you want the ability to name the homes and type "/home name" to go to that named home? If yes to all that, I'm not opposed to adding it, but just asking, have you considered a mod like MyHome or MyWarp that might be better suited to those requirements? Is there a reason they don't work for what you want?

    Regarding Essentialsspawn, yes that's what I was using before and what I migrated away from. The importer for Essentials should work for Essentials 2.3+. It only imports homes, you'll have to manually set your spawns (I figured there's usually less of those, an admin can do that - Homes was the big one I wanted to have imported).

    And last, HomeSpawnPlus is completely configurable. Maybe you like the spawn capability but have another mod controlling homes, you could just disable the home commands in the config and the mod completely turns off those commands. If you had HomeSpawnPlus installed and you just wanted it to do nothing, you could set onjoin and ondeath both to default. So total control in your hands about how the mods works and it's designed to let you play nice with other mods if you need.

    I don't use Simple Server Wrapper, but from what I can read on the documentation, it doesn't provide any home/spawn capabilities. If that's true, all you need to do is install HomeSpawnPlus (read Install section above) and you're good to go.
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    released, but I suggest using bold font for section names, this is not readable much
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    Is there a way to convert current homes my MyHome? I just got multiworld on my server.
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    I have not looked into importing homes from MyHome, but it should be possible. This plugin does not have all the social features of MyHome, so if you're using those you're probably better off sticking with that mod. If you're just looking for Multiworld Home and the ability to control where/how players spawn, then this mod might work well for you. But before I spend time writing import code for MyHome, I want to make sure you know what this plugin does and that you'd actually find it useful.
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    Gave this thing a try and I liked the idea...

    I have ondeath set to multihome and whenever someone dies in the nether and respawns they are kicked for "You moved to quickly... Hacking" also, in the regular world they are snt to the spawn area with a message that says "Your home bed was missing or obstructed"
    In both cases, should the player be sent to their home?

    And here are a couple of suggestions:
    Give the players the ability to delete their homes... and give them the ability to /home to a specific world.

    Thanks! Ill be watching this one!
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    Hmm, re: multihome "moved too quickly", I haven't seen that myself but I'll do some specific testing for this issue locally, thanks for the bug report. What Bukkit version are you on?

    re: home bed being obstructed, also have not seen this with HomeSpawnPlus, but I have with other plugins. Again, I'll do some extensive local testing and if I can reproduce, I'll try to find some creative ways around it. However, it should be noted that HomeSpawnPlus records the *exact* location when you /sethome (including the direction you are looking) and sends you there, so is it possible their home really IS blocked? It obviously wasn't when they /sethome'd because they were standing there. :)

    deleting homes is a good idea, I'll add that. and /home to a specific world exists, but it's currently tied to the 'home.others' permission (as in: /home Junrall world2). I'll look into making it accessible via the regular 'home' permission.


    v0.6.2 is released which includes the ability to delete homes as well as /home to a specific world - thanks for the suggestions. It should also fix the nether teleport issue. I'm unable to produce the "home is blocked" issue on RB #953, even if I block my home, I just appear "inside" the blocks, and spacebar (jumping) takes me out. I suspect you are still running another plugin that is trying to control spawn behavior that is giving you this issue.

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    Could you add an option for first time users to log into a certain world? Or is there already an option for that? Sorry I couldn't find it...
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    Hey super plugin, I'm so happy, works great with #978

    But some Requests ;-)
    - Import homes from Myhome and MultiHome
    - Cooldowns for each world!
    - A Warmup for /spawn and /home
    - Customizable Messages and colors.
    (- maybe 2-3 (or multiple) homes per World. )

    And the plugin would be perfect
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    MyHome import I may add, I had someone else ask for that. I'll have to install it and check out it's save format to see how doable that might be.

    Cooldowns per world: you can /home to another world, so which cooldown should that trigger? The source world or the target world?

    Warmup: I assume this is like a wait period, where you type "/home" and have to stand still for some number of seconds before it takes effect? Is the intention that if they move or take any damage while waiting for the warmup, it cancels?

    Customizable Messages: internationalization or you just want every message to be completely customizable? The tricky part here is message substitution (ie. $N gets converted to playername, etc). Not too fond of writing a bunch of macro expansion code, but if you can point me at another plugin which already has this capability, maybe I'll leverage their code to get this done (assuming it's open source).

    Multiple homes per world: I actually already have an optional "name" in the Home schema, thinking I might want to allow players the ability to specify a home name. The more I think about it though, then this just becomes a warp plugin. The whole point of a home (IMO) is to set a spawn point on death, since you can only respawn to one home per world on death, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to have multiple homes. Unless maybe I added some commands for setting your "primary" home, so you could define multiple homes and switch the primary. Sounds messy. I'll think on it some more.


    I'll look into this, it's a reasonable idea. I think you should spawn wherever the admin sets "defaultWorld" to, but it doesn't work that way currently.
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    The Target World, for /spawn and /home ;-)
    My users can home to another world?! Is there an command like /home [world]?
    I want to disable it.
    Or only /home player [world]? (I don't use it. My user can only warp to her own homes in the actual world.)

    Like the Warmup from HyHome or SpawnX. A simple Warmup, you couldn't cancel. You type /home or /spawn, chat says something like "you have to warmup for x seconds" and after x Seconds they will teleport.
    A Warmup because the users shouldn't escape from mosters or falling.

    I just want every message to be completely customizable, but I don't need message substitutions.
    I simply want to set a span & home message for Set, warmupComplete, warmup and cooldown.
    Or simple all Messages like the MultiHome config ;-)
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    ok so im new with this how i make it so everyone can do /sethome without permissions?
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    @jey585 No way currently. I have not tuned this plugin to run without permissions. If you want to pick which command/permissions should be on for non-op users, I'd be happy to set it up that way since you're the only person so far who isn't using permissions and it's completely irrelevant to me (as in, don't care what you pick) since I do use permissions.
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    yes please that would be great if you can set that up for me
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    I'm having an issue with one of my users. She moves far from her /home, on the land, hunting for sheep. After a while, she does /home. Almost every time (provided she's travelled far enough) she appears to spawn into solid block, and eventually die, plummeting below the world and ultimately being kicked for flying.

    It only happens if she runs far enough so I'm wondering if it's related to how fast the new area she's /home-ing into is loading? Any ideas? My config is default except I disabled bed home saving as a step to troubleshoot and asked to her use /sethome -- no changes.
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    @askreet I haven't seen that, but it sounds like a problem with her home chunk being unloaded and then not loaded in time for her teleport. I used to see this a lot on earlier Bukkit RB's. I run BananaChunk myself now and haven't seen the chunk-load problem since, though I thought it was fixed in recent RB's. Give BananaChunk a try and if that doesn't fix it, let me know and I'll see what else we can do to help (I haven't seen this issue on my server).
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    0.7 doesn't work with #1000, console errors.
    v0.6.2 worlks perfekt with #1000 ;)
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    @Jobsti thanks for the report, I just saw 1000 released a bit ago. Guess I'll download it and start testing locally. Willing to bet something in the onJoin/onDeath APIs changed that broke the plugin.

    Update: @Jobsti I'm not getting any errors on 1.7 with RB 1000. I suspect your errors might be related to the 0.6.2->0.7 upgrade and not related to Bukkit versions at all. Are you using MySQL or SQLLite in your bukkit.yml? (it's SQLLite if you haven't changed it to MySQL specifically)
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    I'm getting this error:

    15:10:44 [INFO] Closing Connection[HomeSpawnPlus.5] psReuse[0] psCreate[1] psSize[0]
    15:10:44 [INFO] DataSourcePool [HomeSpawnPlus] grow; id[HomeSpawnPlus.6] busy[7] max[20]
    15:10:44 [SCHWERWIEGEND] Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to HomeSpawnPlus
    javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Query threw SQLException:[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such column: t0.world)
    Bind values:[null]
    Query was:
    select t0.id c0, t0.name c1, t0.world c2, t0.x c3, t0.y c4, t0.z c5, t0.pitch c6, t0.yaw c7, t0.last_modified c8, t0.date_created c9
    from hsp_player t0
    where lower(t0.name) =?
        at com.avaje.ebeaninternal.server.query.CQuery.createPersistenceException(CQuery.java:849)
    I deleted the sqlite db, now it works, but all my users have to set her homes again ;(
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    @Jobsti If you made a backup, just run on v0.6.2 for now. It looks like a problem with the auto-upgrade that is specific to SQLLite. I'll work on some more testing for SQLLite (I do most of my testing on MySQL, since that's what I use) to get the auto-upgrades working for that as well.
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    ok sorry to ask but since i dont have permissons and i just downloaded latest file u posted i still for some reason cant get new players to sethome
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    @jey585 I added a new config parameter you can use, so you can set it up however you like it. From the ChangeLog:

    added "core.defaultPermissions" so admins can enable defaultPermissions if they aren't using a Permission-compatible plugin

    If you delete your current config.yml, it will re-create a new one with this new parameter commented out in it. Or, just open up the .jar file (using 7zip or something) and open the "config.yml" and copy out the section into your current one.

    You can pick whatever permissions you want and just add them to that list and they will be given to non-op players. Ops always get full permission. Let me know if you have any issues.
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    Hi i got issues, people cant do /sethome or anythings else like /spawn its very anoying :(
    So can u help me? I just registed to say this, do u have skype so u can help me at teamviewer?
    My skypename philipemilpaldan please add me..
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    @philip337 do you have permissions? If so, look in the config and it tells you what permissions to enable to allow access to those commands. If you dont have permissions, read up one in the thread where i explain to jey585 how to setup the config.yml to work without permissions and still be able to control which commands your players have access to.

    For those of you trying to use this without any Permission plugin, here is an example:

      # 0 - Ebeans storage (will go to SqlLite or MySQL, as defined by bukkit.yml)
      # 1 - Cached Ebeans - same as #0, but with in-memory caching for performance
      storage: 0
      # this ONLY used when a Permissions-compatible plugin isn't found.  In that case,
      # any permissions listed here are given to everyone by default (ops always have
      # full permissions)
      - HomeSpawnPlus.command.home.use
      - HomeSpawnPlus.command.sethome.use
    This gives non-ops permission to use the 'home' and 'sethome' commands. If I wanted them to also be able to use the 'spawn' command, I would just add 'HomeSpawnPlus.command.spawn.use' to the list. You can change the config and reload it live by typing '/hsp rc' in-game.

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    Morganm i just dont understand the config :/
    So i need you to change it for me problely, i wont Ops and users can /sethome
    Thanks :) And also users can use /home :)
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    @philip337 the config I just pasted into my previous response does exactly what you want. If I'm not mistaken, it's actually part of the default config.yml so all you have to do is edit config.yml and uncomment the lines to make it like you see above. If you can't do that, I'm not sure there's much more I can do to help you.
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    thanks worked perfectly i saw what i was doing wrong had to remove "#" to get it enabled lol

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