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    Version 0.8
    Tested on RB 1.2.3-R0.1


    This is a fork of the abandoned SendGift.
    This plugin allows players to send items to each other. As opposed to the /give command, it does not generate the items out of the blue, but takes them from the sender's inventory. You can send items to players offline (configurable), and they will get it when they log in! You can set a fee for sending items. Permissions is optional, with OP fallback.

    /send <player> <amount> (item name or ID) (damage or color ID)
    /gift <player> <amount> (item name or ID) (damage or color ID)

    The item defaults to the one you're holding if not specified.

    When updating to 0.8, delete your config file.

    Features :
    • You can send items to other players via a simple command
    • You can send items to players offline, they'll get them when they log in (configurable).
    • Maximum range people can send items (configurable)
    • Allow cross world transfers (configurable, disallow offline transfers to enforce)
    • Fee per transaction.
    • Supports Permissions, but has OP fallback, or just allow-everyone (configurable)
    • Supports both item IDs and item names
    • Supports colored wool and damaged tools (sends the first tool it finds, damaged or not)
    • Supports OddItem for item names
    • Supports Vault Economy for transaction fee
    Permissions nodes (case sensitive):
    • GiftSend.send to allow sending items
    • GiftSend.nofee to allow sending for free (requires the send node)
    Older versions


    TODO: (will only implement if explicitely requested)

    Some more advanced taxing features (number of stacks, number of items...)

    Known Bugs :
    None :D ... (so far!)

    Changelog :
    • v0.8 -- Updated for CB1.2.3 -- switched to Vault for iconomy
    • v0.7 -- Support for BukkitPerms, crossworld setting.
    • v0.6 -- Added a fee per transaction, iConomy and BosEconomy support.
    • v0.5.1 -- fixed duplicate sending bug.
    • v0.5 - Fixed bug with item in hand durability, improved handling of durability for tools
    • v0.4.1 - The item ACTUALLY defaults to the one you're holding :p. Fixed a NullPointerException
    • v0.4 - The item defaults to the one you're holding if not specified
    • v0.3 - Fixed cookie bug. Fixed limitation on item sending (no longer 64 max). Fixed illegal stack sizes or sending more than the other can receive : it gets logged in the offline file, so that the user gets it after. Added support for OddItem.
    • v0.2.1 - Various bug fixes, including : not being able to send damaged tools (now send the first tools it finds), unstackable items stacking. WARNING: this version is no longer compatible with the transaction files from the older SendGift and from the older versions. Delete them.
    • v0.2 - Added OP Fallback. Updated the config to allow a choice of permissions.
    • v0.1 - First release. Forked SendGift, fixed main bugs. Learned Java :p
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    Version 0.6 is out! Now you can set a transaction fee, and it supports iConomy and BOSEconomy. I'm afraid you have to delete your config (or back it up under a different name) for it to be regenerated and have the transaction fee thing.
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    those permissions nodes aren't case sensitive are they?
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    k thanks. Might wanna point that out in the OP
  6. Eh why, permission nodes are always case sensitive, why would you go perform extra operations in code when you should be copy pasting nodes anyways :eek:
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    Well, I could make them case insensitive, without real hassle, but I prefer it that way (unless it really bugs some people)
    @Joy Have you tried the transactions fee yet?
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    well this is news to me, and i've been running my server since before beta. All i'm saying is i hardly ever see nodes using any caps, and in groupmanager (essentials) all of my permission nodes seem to, by default, get turned to all lower yeah if it was a question for me it may be a question for others. Couldn't hurt.

    EDIT: Also forgot to mention that when me and my staff add permissions it's usuallly in-game, and so that means we use /mangaddp <node> <group> which means i can't copy/paste, simply because i'm in-game.

    not that it bugs me, just that i spotted the caps and haven't seen it before with other plugins' nodes. I just think it wouldn't hurt to maybe make it clear in the op that they are case sensitive. This also may have to do with difference between Permissions and Essentials Group Manager (i don't know if Permissions maybe requires case sensitivity?). Anyways. I'm not trying to nit-pick. I just want to help is all.

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  9. Fee works :)

    But something else is no longer working, offline sending.

    allow-offline: 'true'
    use-permissions: 'permissions' #permissions, OP or false
    transaction-fee: 10.0 #Fee for sending something

    Keeps saying player is not online, when I try to send items to an offline player.
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    Hmm... I'll look at it this week-end. Try and remove the quotes in the first line
    allow-offline: true

    It should work without the quotes. Silent update so that the auto-generated config doesn't have the quotes.

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    If I wanna send Ink sac, what should I do?
    /send playername amount Ink sac ?
    /send playername amount Ink_sac?

    How can I send dyes? they have no IDs:'(
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    Well, for one, bukkit won't recognize the name if you don't put a 'k' at the end... it's spelled ink_sack. But the easiest way for you is to hold the item you want to send, and type /send playername amount.
    For example, hold bone meal in your hand and type /send nitnelave 3
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    thank you!
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    suggestion? can u support Multi-World? and can u also add a permission node for GiftSend.Receiving ?
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    What do you want multiworld for? what would be world-dependent? And the node receiving would be a hassle for the offline players... So no, I won't add it. Why do you need it for anyway?
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    I have a different world and a MultiInv, and I don't want players sending items to another world..
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    So what, you don't want players to be able to send to someone in another world?
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    I'll look into that, but you may have to disable offline sending. I can't check for the world an offline player is, and I don't want to outgrow this plugin by adding a player tracking feature. It probably won't come any time soon, perhaps next Wednesday or a bit after.
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    ok then.. XD thanks..
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    Awesome plugin!

    Would it be possible to make it so that you have to activate a certain block(placed by an Admin) when wanting to send items so that it feels a bit like a mailing system? Receiving at a certain location doesn't feel necessary as I think that would be more cumbersome than immersive...
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    I may consider that in a future update, but you can look in to MineMail, when they FINALLY get around to releasing the next version, I think there will be a mailbox thing.
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    Ok, version 0.7 is out. Mainly support for BukkitPerms and check for same-world transfers if the setting is enabled (delete config to regenerate)
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    Can you add this to BukkitDev please? :)

    Oh, is they any way to make the max range unlimited? I want my players to be able to send items to each other anywhere in the world. Thanks.
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    Set the max range to 0. I'm no longer developing any plugin, so I won't put it on BukkitDev, but if someone wants to fork it, it's open source.
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    Works nice. Thank you!
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll change the title to reflect that it still works.
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    Maybe a custom text message for the reciever?

    "<name> send you <amount> <item> as a birthday present. Happy birthday and have a nice day!"
    "<name> send you <amount> <item> as a welcome present on the server. Go and give him a hug! =)"

    The syntax should be something like this:
    /gift <player> <amount> (item name or ID) (damage or color ID) <reason>

    default="You got a present from <player>";

    or maybe just a text that you can write after you issued the comand.

    Great plugin anyway, just some suggestions :D
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    I'll give this some thought, but unless you absolutely need it for whatever reason on your server, it'q unlikely that I'll do it anytime soon... I've pretty much stopped coding, apart from the little I do for CreeperHeal...
    And by the way, I doubt that players would really use the reason part. It's too complicated to learn for something you can say by chat ;) Although I'm not against a custom text, it's just the custom reasons that seem a bit overdone.
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    I donĀ“t need it that badly, just some ideas.
    Yeah you are right the reason thing was a bad idea, but a custom message after you issued the comand would be neat.

    Anyway, thank you for your fast reply. =)
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    @Nitnelave I have iConomy 6.0.8b and it does not take money when someone gifts an item (at least to an offline player) Im not too sure if it works for online players, I have the transaction fee set to 15 but when i gifted to an offline player as a test run it did not take anything

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