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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Shit, you're probably right - been using Notepad++ and probably didn't check the settings properly. However, I don't know what's up with my console, though...or iChat, to be more precise. It messes up all chat messages with scandinavian letters badly when outputting them to the console.
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    Is it possible to add a /about ==> it gives all the history about a block you destroy (which replaces by its original value) or place (to see the stats on a block that has been deleted), like when it is placed , by whom it is placed, by whom it is deleted etc?
    And of course a /undoaction <player> <time_in_seconds>
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    I'm +1 for requesting this. Maybe even specify an optional parameter to make the warp private for one player's use?
    (e.g. /setwarp mywarp priv)

    I can *almost* not load my other Warp plugin!! :D
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    Cool plugin, decided to install this recently and liking most of it. Not using Permissions here and have disabled a lot of commands to only have those that I really wanted. (Thank you so much for making it possible to disable commands in such an easy manner!)

    I've got a few suggestions though!

    /mail ~nick doesn't seem to convert to the realname. For example if I've done:
    /nick whatever
    Your nickname is now ~whatever.
    /realname ~whatever
    ~whatever is Trinsec
    /mail send ~whatever hihi!
    Mail sent!
    /mail read
    You do not have any mail!
    The users.yml does contain:
    mail: ['~whatever: hihi']
    I think when /mail sees a ~ in front of the name, it should automatically check in the users.yml which user uses that as a nick and then send to the right user instead.

    What I also noticed from above is that you can send mail to bogus players. Could there be an 'expiration date' of mails? Like.. say.. 30 days or configurable, so that users.yml won't keep increasing indefinitely because of all the mis-sent mails. Additionally, could the 'Mail sent!' be changed to 'Mail sent to <name>!' so you are sure you sent it to the right person? Where <name> will be updated to the real name if you have sent it to a nickname?

    Another suggestion: Ability to adjust what /who looks like, including the colouring. I like to have a certain format and colours. Especially the colours. ;)
    (Basically I'd like a Players Online (<amount>): <list> with certain colouring.)

    Being able to set a normal player's name and nick colours in the config, just like with ops, would be nice.

    That's all I can think of for now. Hope you find those suggestions useful and keep up the good work!
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    Bukkit n00b here. Also new to plugins, yours in particular. I have everything working, which is great, but my (probably stupid) question is: How do I alter the configuration file? I know that I can't directly manipulate the data base, but how do I actually change different parameters, i.e., command permissions or motd? I can't seem to find this on the wiki, unless I'm just missing it.
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    With a text editor?

    There should be a config.yml in the Essentials folder. It'll be auto-created after you've run the server at least once with Essentials installed.
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    Hey Zenexer, let me just start by saying I appriciate your work. This is the best plugin for our server so far.
    I just have a problem. Im running essentials together with permissions and for some reason ppl on my server get access to all commands now.
    For example, an ABuilder could kick me although hes not supposed to have that command.
    Heres my config:
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    Hey Zenexer .... i was just thinking that if you could make a command like /spawnm or /sm and then mob like this

    /spawnm pig 5 . That should then spawn 5 pigs

    /sm creeper 10 . That should then spawn 10 creepers.

    Thanks ;D
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    I'm having some confliction between this and Permissions... Admins are able to see the motd, rules, and other basic things through '*', but no one else is able to.

    I can't seem to find what I should place under default permissions to re-enable these commands.

    After digging, I found this. Linked for those with similar problems.
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    It would be awesome if there was a command to list the price of items. We have set the prices in the config using worth-1: 1
    worth-2: 4
    and our users are using /sell to sell their items, but they would like to know how much each items sells for before they sell it. Maybe a command like /sellprice all [page] and /sellprice [id]

    Thanks :)
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    Every time I seem to implement the plugin I receive an error like below:

    SEVERE: Could not load plugins\Essentials.jar in plugins: null

    Any help would be appreciative.

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    Another suggestion. As soon as a player starts walking or w/e make it so they auto come out of AFK. Some of my players user the /afk function but then forget to turn it off.
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    You should give your default group essentials.motd and essentials.rules and
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    @ledhead900 You like Etsijä's post, so I figured you'd be interested in my response. ;) I doubt the bug will be fixed by upgrading, but there were several bugs in 97, so give upgrading a shot. I'll run an extensive test on it shortly--I didn't have time last night.

    @Etsijä I use Notepad++, too. It defaults to ANSI which, I found out pretty quickly, disagree with YAML.

    @Qtinifier That is a very specialized feature, and better suited for a separate plugin. BigBrother is amazing at that very task. You should check it out. :D

    @SliMeY_G You read my mind. Something like that is on the agenda for today, after item values.

    @Trinsec Currently, most commands only respond to actual usernames. This is due to a limitation in Bukkit's matching feature, but I will likely employ a workaround in the near future. As for mail, there should be no nicknames involved besides in the actual message: this is a technical limitation, and there isn't really any way around it at present. As for the online list, you will break most custom clients by changing the formatting, but I assume that's not very important, so I'll definitely put that on my todo list. :D user.yml is a temporary solution, and will be replaced completely by per-user data files in the near future. These per-user files already exist, but they aren't used by much.

    @jzeta It's very simple (mostly). Open your plugins folder, where all the .jar files are. You should see a directory named "Essentials" within that. Open it, then open config.yml. You can use any common text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad or Notepad++ (I recommend the latter). :)

    @pabbie Many of your permissions nodes are incorrect. Start by cleaning it up. You can get a full list on the wiki, which is linked in the first post. :)

    @fnullerbasse Already working on it, thanks to xmlns! :D

    @Pezmantbh I just added that, actually; it's /worth. It will be available in the next release.

    @D1G1TAL Your configuration file is invalid. Pastebin it an I'll try to help. :)

    @M1sT3rM4n Sounds good--I'll put that on my todo list. :)
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    I see that you fixed a lot of the issues, however you need to add a "permissions:" block after each user even if you aren't going to give them extra permissions. I've found that if you leave that out, odd things happen with the permissions.

    Example change from:
            group: Admins
            group: Admins
    Hope that helps.
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    Just looking at the permissions plugin gives me a headache.

    Am I going to be forced to have to learn something new? Or will this work with groupusers as it stands.

    Or does it just not work that way? IE, it works with one or the other.
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    Zenexer, Nope still wont show playerlist on motd even on your latest build, im using crafbukkit 141 and bukkit 74. I update these daily.
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    @SeeD419 I try to make Essentials as compatible as possible. It's supposed to be a solid base, from which you can build in any direction. GroupUsers should work: if it doesn't, let me know, and I'd be happy to fix it.

    @ledhead900 Okay, looking at that code now.
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    Thanks for the 'mail messages'-fix, but the color problem is still present. :(
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    @Nideco Right, forgot about that! Ranking that up in my priorities.
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    I am currently using two plugins that handle 'motd' functions. I'd prefer just to use yours.
    Informant has GeoIP location, and on play join reports '{user} has joined from {GeoIP result}' to all players. Could you implement this into the motd/join message? If beyond the scope of this plugin, I understand and will continue using both.
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    Update: b111
    - Added /worth
    - Added items.db file
    - Could not reproduce {PLAYERLIST} issues
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    Yay finally edit items w/o editing the source code :D

    Btw, I got this error (seems like it still works though): [WARNING] Error parsing items.db on line 186
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    Do I have to delete the Essentials folder(contains the config and users files) every time I update Essentials?

    Also could you make it so that I could edit what pops up when people type /help?

    The {PLAYERLIST} does not work for me. It just shows {PLAYERLIST} when people log on, and the {RED:BALANCE} shows 0 when I log on even though my balance is 51.
  27. @Zenexer. But i don't want to use a modified client.
    And did you give my other suggestion a spin? (Seperate kits file?)
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    @stevo No, you should never need to delete the folder. As for /help, it is due for a makeover, but until then, you can use MCDocs

    @Morczor Ignore that, it's just complaining about a comment. I fixed the comments parser just now, and it'll be out in the next release.

    @godsyn I'll certainly look into it, but I'm guessing that it will be beyond the scope of Essentials.

    @pabbie You need to indent your per-user permissions. The lines beginning with "-"

    @Silverlink Separate kits file is on my todo list for today :D
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    How do i make it so that i can restrict non ops from flying using the nuble client?
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    I believe you add - nuble to the restricted commands list

    The {PLAYERLIST} does not work for me. It just shows {PLAYERLIST} when people log on, and the {RED:BALANCE} shows 0 when I log on even though my balance is 51.
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