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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    1) Is there a way to set an additional spawn for people that have not joined the server before?
    3) People without the essentials.plugin node can use /plugins, which apparently functions as /plugin list. Can this be fixed? I'm not interested in players being able to see what plugins are running on my server.
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    Since GroupManager is dead and I can't register on the bug report page I'm gonna request this bugfix here.
    Found a bug: I can't demote offline players. This gets really annoying since I have to edit the files manually if I need to demote someone that doesn't play anymore. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to demote offline players, all it needs to do is check if there is an entry for the user in users.yml instead of completely dismissing the possibility if the user isn't online.
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    Command mantogglevalidate:
    description: Toggle on/off the validating if player is online.
    usage: /<command>
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    I cant believe they are inactive, what a disgrace.
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    This plugin run with bukkit 740 ? :)p)
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    could you delete that "you have no new mail" welcome messege? nobody uses it but everyone got to see it :/
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    Why cant I build when I get in the server?
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    Please update theversion number, i just saw that Essentials is on 2.3.x state.
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    If i put someone in jail, how do i take them out?
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    Oh, sorry i mean 2.2.x (it says 2.1 in the title)
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    Hi everyone.

    How do we set the worth? I am not sure if what we are supposed to edit or which # to delete to make it active? Also do we have to edit the worth.yml or config.yml to change the values of items?
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    Using Craftbukkit #740 and Essentials v2.2.7
    The Nether and portals work pretty well. The excessive mobs in the nether lag my server with many players. Is there any way to greatly limit or disable nether mobs in Essentials?
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