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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by vildaberper, Mar 2, 2011.

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    I have, every time I go type a hero chat command, to says invalid command and suggest a command that is part of dc
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    Worlds cant have spaces in them. "/
    Make it _ instead.

    So did you try with the dev build?
    It works for everybody else.

    Your world contains corrupt chunks.

    I guess HeroChat doesnt register its commands in plugin.yml, talk to the dev or pm me all commands featured. :)

    I already did this with Towny.
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    I've just removed copy folders, it worked fine xD
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    World names obviously CAN have spaces in them. I created and used the world first without any mods at all.

    What you mean to say, is DC doesn't SUPPORT world names with spaces in them. Which in my mind is a flaw. There should at least be a escape character that counts as a space, or a way to create a "" string.
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    - name doesn't work -> it sayys it changed name but it doesn't change display name in cjat
    - maybe add client-side mod to see cuboid selection?
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    I imagine theres oing to be a large bunch of work to make this work with superperms mainly the chat formatting needs to be 80% redone and the permissions well Should be an easy swap over basically just need to stop hooking into permissions 3 and just ask bukkit instead :/

    So any eta on some thing that will support CB 1000 fully and have every thing working?
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    I got the reason. When op_permissions is set to true, no-one in the Default group can pick up items and use toggles (buttons and so on...).

    What does actually op_permissions do?? :eek: And why does it sometimes toggle to true automatically?
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    i wonna use UTF8 for Strings.Yml ??? but​
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    why some of op_permissisions not work? like god, ignoremob? :/
  10. When will you be updating to Build 1000?
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    do it realy have to be dc in every command
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    I have yet another idea for this plugin;
    a simple tp confirmation. So if X wants to be tp'd to Y, X types in /tp Y. Then Y gets a message asking for a yes/no answer. If it's no, X will get a message saying Y doesn't want you, if yes, X will be tp'd.

    And maybe a force command for admins/people with the right permissions.
    That's a lot of X and Y's..
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    I asked this a wile back he said he's gonna add it in a future update.
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    I have an issue where there are parts of land that are marked and none ops cant build / mine there. One of my ops has been playing, but not sure how they did this. Dont have permissions installed?

    Any ideas?
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    I have an issue. I'm running a server with multiple worlds. Within the RPG world I do not want anyone to be able to change the time in that world and would like them to be able to on the creative build worlds. I add the permission node 'dc.time.*' but the players are still unable to change time. Yet in every world I, as the Admin, can simply type: /time 0, in order to change the time. Can anyone help?
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    He said this in a previous post. When he understand the Permission system from Bukkit. Bukkit made it confusing and he is working on it.

    No, every command in changeable in Commands.yml

    Add it to the permissions section located in the world file if it is not there.
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    I don't see how Updating to build 1000 is so dam hard Dinnerbone explains it so clearly here.

    I get that making it work with your complex systems is tricky but dial back the complexity of the system a bit maybe overhaul the Layout of the nodes While ur at it Best of luck you dont have to ""Register the permission node"" but it is recommended.
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    How about a /me command? :D
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    How about a '/dcsphere', being as there only appears to be '/dcsherehollow' at the moment?
    Or am I missing the obvious?

    Oh, and also chat names still don't load properly. They work after using dcload, but when a player logs in, their name isn't loaded from names.yml automatically.
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    You wrote in your first Post that there can be a lot of Variables in Strings,
    but when I set in Strings.yml that every command has the Userprefix in Foreground

    (e.g. join_world: '<prefix><player>&2 joined &7<world>&2.')

    it is displayed in my Case as '<prefix>Typhoon31 joined World'.

    Is it possible to add full variables support to every command, as '<prefix>' for the subject and '<prefixs>' for the object, like there it is for '<player>' and '<players>'?

    €: In your current dev-Version
    'c_kick: '&7<player>&2 kicked &7<players>&2, reason: &7<reason>&2.''

    '<player>' and '<players>' were only displayed as ' '.

    €: Also when I dont have Permissions to join a world it says first, that I dont have Permissions, next it says I joined the specified world, bu tnothing happens.
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    i can't fly why i have a feather and i can't fly
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    i cant save the defaultcommands plugin (so i can change the settings because it saves on it and than reload plz help me)
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    it doesen' do anything it just say that i can fly
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    Bradley Hilton

    Another suggestion, not sure if it's been suggested before or not but can you add a config option to enable something like local chat and have a configurable block/chunk radius? Then maybe add a command to shout globally? If you'd do this, I know we'd love it and I'd donate to you if that's at all possible! :)
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    When you do /fly, it will say that you enabled fly. Does it say that? Does it say anything?
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    Would love a command similar to /who that tells you what other player names have logged in from a specific IP address and when.
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    [​IMG] i get this error when trying to run Default commands? what is the conflict?

    EDIT: Sorry if image fails, i dont know how to copy the text from the server error, should open properly in a tab
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    Could you add two things?
    1. /tpa or /tpc (teleport-confirmation-system).
    2. A private-chat-system (not just /msg - a "chatroom" with multiple persons).

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