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    I think I found a bug: If someone's on world X and they join world Y, world Y's config should have seperate inventories. (It does..) But their armour slots stay the same.

    I.e. if they're in world X they have a full inventory plus armour. When they go into world Y, their inventories clear but their armour slot is still filled. For me, on my server, this means people can get into the Survival world (world Y) with armour they spawned in Freebuild. (world X).

    I hope this gets fixed and I thought I'd let you know. :)
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    Yeah, Ill fix that soon!
    Itll probably come with the inventory ids (Config.yml has "inventory: <id>", and they will save in Inventory/<id>/<player>.data. :)

    Edit: Added separate armor in the dev build!
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    Wow, I'm so stupid. I accidentally put "player item amount" instead of "target item amount." It works now. Thanks.
    But I'm still having issues with the nicknames not doing anything. I do /name blahblahblah blahblahblah and it says it changed the name but it does absolutely nothing. Any idea what that's about?
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    Do you use any other chat plugin?
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    How can I change the welcome message/MOTD? Cos the only config file there is is DefaultCommands, and I cant see anything like that there :p
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    I don't believe so. It was working before I updated to the dev build.
    EDIT: Even after I downgraded it still won't work...
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    Do '/dc save', edit Strings.yml and do '/dc load'.

    Nothing is changed when it comes to names. "/
    Take a look at Names.yml, is your name there?
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    Yes, like this:
    Chuck67322: '&cChuckNorris'
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    Hi I have a new bug now that guest ( I changed the group default and renamed it to guest) can break and place blocks, but can't pick up items unless you do /op from console, apparently its something to do with this plugin as said here
    Yes i have the default rank as build : true
    Please fix :D
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    First thing first: This plugin is great, only one I need! ;)

    Now the question: Is it possible to have one nether for each world?
    I have different worlds with different permissions (in one everyone is allowed to cheat, in the other cheating (give, fly etc.) is not permitted). And right now it is possible to get cheated items to the non-cheating world through the nether.
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    I have this bug too. Basically, if you try changing the colour of the name it doesn't work, but if you tried a different name it would work. It used to work before.
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    For me, even without the color it doesn't work.
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    You're right, it doesn't work at all. :/

    Edit: Also, /say sends to everyone, including yourself.
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    how do i fix so default group can hit mobs and players and take damage
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    This plugin is on my server, and I found an error/bug. Those who are not op, it will NOT be able to pick up material. What should I do when this error, or whether only one command can be solved?
    Thanks in advance:
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    What other plugins do you use?
    Is better_chat enabled?

    Thanks, fixed in the dev build. :)

    You need to make portals to netherworlds by hand, but Ill probably add an option for separate_nether. :)

    Add '*'.

    Fixed, download the dev build. :)
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    create groups for warps (only for listing)
    /setwarp [warp] (group)
    /warps (group)

    /warp [warp]
    should be the same, still all warps from all warpgroups accessable
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    Just downloaded the plug-in and can't figure out how to make the non-ops become unable to use the commands.
    Can i get some help with this please?
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    I'm currenlty have a minor issue getting TooManyItems to work on my server running DefaultCommands. I understand DefaultCommands changes how the give command is setup and in the help file for that plugin it says to set TooManyItems.txt to: {1}:{3} {2} {0}. I'm guessing this mean set the link "give-command:" to "give-command: /give {1}:{3} {2} {0)." I'm wonder do I need to change the /give to /dcgive since that is the command used for DefaultCommands. I get that the {1} represents the item numer and the :{3} represents the data value and {2} represents quantity and {0} repesents the players name but I cannot get it to drop the item. I log out and login and I have it but it will not drop.If {0}=PLAYERNAME ("target") and {1}=ITEM# and {2}=Quantity and {3}=dataand according to DefaultCommands: /dcgive <item>[:data] [amount] [target]then I should change the TooManyItems.txt "give-command:" field to give-command: /dcgive {1}:{3} {2} {0}Does everyone agree? Because that does not work. Any help is appreciated.
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    in the weather could you add snowing?
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    is it possible to have the /kit command have a cool down?
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    thank you but building should not be able for default
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    Disregard this, it seems to have magically fixed itself. Oh no it hasn't.

    The 'you do not have permissions to do that' string is still sent when it's empty and someone without permission tries to place or remove a block. So players get sent blank lines in the chat whenever they try to do anything in the no building world on our server. (but thanks for fixing blank lines getting sent for every other empty string)
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    Incompatibility with BukkitContrib / BCMusic , this plugin causes them to spit out bukkitcontrib is not installed
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    Yes, better chat is enabled.
    The other plugins I have are:
    Show Spoiler
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    Thanks so much! :D
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    I have an idea for this plugin. As I mainly use it, I was thinking;
    what if, in the per-world configs, you have a 'allow_flight' option to either true|false. As I currently use a separate plugin (NoCheat) but I had to remove it, as it was causing random lag spikes.
    As in my freebuild map, we permit flying and cheating. In the survival-vanilla map we don't permit flying and cheating. It would be nice to see it integrate into this plugin.
    Just a suggestion. :)
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    well the problem is DefaultCommands heres what i found out :​
    everything that is black is not as important everything that is green is important.​
    per_page: 9
    give: item amount target
    chat: '&7<prefix><player><suffix>&2: &f<message>'
    all: '*' This is the problem what should i write here because basically its saying what permissions will all players have? and it states that all players have '*'!
    timezone: GMT+1
    console_name: CONSOLE
    sync_time: 30
    afk_time: 5
    afk_kick_time: 10
    sync_inventory: 30
    save_config: 10
    unknown_command: true
    better_chat: true
    better_fence: true
    better_pumpkin: true
    play_message_sound: true
    show_teleport_smoke: true
    whitelist: false
    whitelist_kick: true
    selection_tool: 280​
    Thats the problem hope you can help thanks!
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    Hi, I've just discovered an issue on my server. CraftBukkit: 953. Also running Permissions and iChat plugins.

    The issue is that after a while kits with multiple of the same items (eg, torches, arrows) start to give lower and lower amounts of the items. I just found that after about 24 hours my torches kit which should be giving 128 torches is only giving 2 and I'm only getting 50 arrows instead of 64. Restarting the server fixes this temporarily.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Huzzah, I'm not crazy! Someone else with the same issue

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