Inactive [GEN/ADMN] Dynamic Effect Whitelist V1.3.0 - Using MySQL [2116+]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by blackvoid, Mar 26, 2011.

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    It cannot create a connection to the MySQL database. Are you sure the mysql server is located on the same server as your minecraft server?
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    Yes 100% sure, besides, other plugins like PermissionEX and OnlineUsers can access to my database
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    Will this work with bPermissions?
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    Does anyone know a php script that deny people that visited the whitelist 3 times? It's for banned people using proxies.
  7. I've got some problems...

    I'm in the MySQL Table but the Server doesnt matter...
    There is no error, nothing. Just this :
    2011-10-09 17:09:37 [INFO] snooze95 is not whitelisted! Deny!
    2011-10-09 17:09:37 [INFO] Disconnecting snooze95 [/]: You are not in the Pluginwhitelist!
    .config file:
    #### DEWhitelist configuration ###
    #Sun Oct 09 17:03:20 CEST 2011
    mysql-string=SELECT {name} FROM `{table}`;
    dismsg=You are not in the whitelist\!
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    set usemysql to false
  9. test it too ... doesnt work :(
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  11. argh :) thank you very much. nice plugin ;)

    So as far as it works im coding a Admin interface ;)

    BIG PLUS : The entrie form will check the user on mcbans.
    So if hes banned he cant join your server.

    Sry for my bad english >.<
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    Any chance of this being updated? It's the only whitelist I've found that using MySQL and has a pre-built web registration
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    It should work unless a update broke it which i havnt gotten a report about.

    If you could send me the code for the MCBans check i can add it as an option for the whitelist.
  14. Its only for the entrie form ...
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    Yeah, i know you mean the PHP script. Thats what i will be adding it to.
  16. Hm just wait 1 or 2 days and you'll have a complete Admin Interface ;)
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    Umm. I see a major flaw and disadvantage in this. Why not query the database for the player who is joining each time a player joins rather than fetching the whole whitelist every minute? It would save bandwidth and be faster and more reliable.
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    Its done this way, because quering the database each time a player joins would freeze the server between the execution of the query and fetching the result, since the event is running in the same thread.
    The way its done right now doesn't noticeable effect the server in any way.
    You can also change the interval its fetching the whitelist, if you want to save bandwidth (dont know any provider counting the servers bandwidth, might be wrong cause Im hosting on a dedicated server).

    Sorry for not replying earlier I'm on vacation.
  19. Update for 1500+?? thanks
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    Theres no recomended version yet.
    Do you get any errors on 1500+?
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    Thats because your using the wrong mysql details.
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    Do you want to use mySQL or http?
    Cause it seems you want to use php and then your not using my script.
    Then you need to set usemysql to false and it cant use any CSS it needs to be exactly as my scripts prints it (this is what i saw when i used the URL.
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    Your plugin don't work with AdminCmd, can you help me?
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    This is SOOO messed up to get it all for me. Can you make a picture of how it works?
    The problem I'm having is it cant connect to mysql.
    Can you tell me where all the files are supposed to be?
    and what configs should I use for the plugin working in bukkit.
    sorry I just spent 4h tryng to understandd. I'm making it on my own pc using wamp server and hamatchi for testing later I may need to put it on a server but the time wasted here... makes me give up.
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    What's this whitelist-url=none
    Can't find on first post.

    And where Do i Put this?!
    $recaptcha_enabled - if you want to use Re-Captcha then set this to true.​
    $recaptcha_publickey - public recaptcha key.​
    $recaptcha_privatekey - private recaptcha key.​

    Sorry blackvoid but it seems it's poorly documented :( or everyone is not smart like you.
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    If I should be able to help you I need the error message.
    whitelist-url should only be changed if your using the php script, which is optional.
    You do not need to write the variables anywhere since its either already written in the file or the plugin creates a config file with all variables the first time you run it.
    Everything behind the dashes are explanations for what the variables do.
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    It took me ages to find this :
    under this

    Then why do we need whitelist.php which is inside plugin .zip ?

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