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    Ask-v0.1a-No more n00b questions!


    As an admin, you may have been asked questions like, "How do I make money?", more times than you can count. Not anymore! Ask enables you to add questions to a file, then users can ask them.

    Configuring Questions:
    Answers are added to the file in plugins/Ask/answers.txt. The file is automatically created when you load the plugin for the first time. Here is an example question:

    money|How| |You can make money by...
    The first section is the keyword. This is the subject of the question. In this case, money. The second section describes what about the thing in question. This is usually like Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, Are, Is, Do, ect. The third section are related words. This should be used if there are more then one question with the same first word, and subject. The last part is the answer to the question. When you read this is helps to sound like yoda... "Money how?"

    *Note* This is in Alpha. If anything dosen't work, please leave a comment. There will be future versions with added features.

    Noob: /ask How do I earn cash?
    Plugin: You must ... to earn cash.
    Noob: /ask What does cash do?
    Plugin: You can buy and sell stuff with your cash.

    The Properties:

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    These are functions of the properties listed in ask.properties in the plugins/Ask folder.
    * useRegex: Use regex when comparing.
    * deafultAnswer: The text displayed if no answers appear.

    Using the file converter:

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    The file converter was introduced in v0.2a because I felt the file needed to be changed so that the keyword was first. All this does is changes v0.1a files to v0.2a files. To use, download the file converter and place both run.bat and AskFileConverter into the plugins/Ask folder, the same one as answers.txt. Then, just run run.bat, can your file is converted!
    *Note* This section of the post will go away by the Beta release, you can still PM me for instructions.

    Ask will be moving to BukkitDev. This is still the primary source for now. Wait for more updates.
    Older content:

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    Ask File type offically converted. Please use the FileConverter in the downloads section under v0.2a
    Ask v0.2a Released! :D
    Answer file will probably change format to keyword first, then first word. Don't worry though, a script to convert your files will be included in v0.2a.

    Please DO NOT decompile the code. If you want to see the source, please contact me.
    v0.2a- Build 1240- <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    v0.1a -Build 1185- <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


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    1. Put Ask.jar into your plugins folder
    2. Run the server once to create the files.
    3. Open answers.txt in plugins/Ask
    4. Add your own Answers to the text file.
    5. Run your server and enjoy!

    Future Plans:
    * Add writing unanswered questions to a file.
    * Add reloading the config/answers file by admins. (Planned for v0.3a)
    * Add updates to Admins when a question goes unanswered.
    * Add Admins adding answers in game.
    * Add better answers file support. (Please leave suggestions!)
    * Add user enter message telling them they can /ask
    * Add command like /ask t to say "Use /ask for your question" (T for tell)
    * Make it say something different for every person.
    * Remove command and change to something like ?why is this an example? (Suggestions needed)

    Change log:

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    * v0.2a

    - * Added Regex support
    * Added config file system
    * Added to config:

    - * Use Regex
    * Default answer (if no good answers come up)
    - v0.1a
    * Initial public release
    * Basic features added
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    Nice job geeky genius. Hope this goes far!
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    Explain a bit further. You want to know which people that has access to the source?
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    Ad.fly links are not allowed.
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    Thank God, This will be really usefull.
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    Yeah, I'm also curious

    EDIT: for the record, title is missing description
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    Lol, i set one for Hello, it responds with "Why is this like the first thing anyone types, and yes hello fucktard."
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    Great plugin!
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    As mentioned, you are missing description in title.
    Also, if I were you I'd consider adding "[CHAT]" to part of the title. I might be wrong, but from my understanding the questions/answers are composed via chatbox. If so, I would categorize it as [CHAT], just me though.
    Good plugin by the way, you have got my recommendation!
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    There is an adf.ly version if you don't mind, and a link that goes through adf.ly for tracking purposes. I am interested in knowing how many downloads there are.

    Well, yes. I also don't want to be just handing out my work. But if you want it, I'll probably let you have it.

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    Aren't we all, but i still dont believe they are allowed. Try github.
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    IT says they arn't allowed because it creates an unpleasant downloading experience. i.e. an ad. The direct download that goes through adf.ly doesn't have any ads, so its fine.
    Sorry, I just clicked on the link and found out bukkit manually banns adf.ly...
    Adf.ly will be no longer!
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    holy crap, i need to use this. I dont even get to play because its a constant bombardment of retarded questions.
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    That's what its ment for!
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    But now I spend all my time telling people to use /ask...
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    Should I add a notification for when someone enters that they can /ask?
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    Just remove the whole /ask command and check whenever someone chats.
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    Well, the problem with that is that when ever someone ask a legit question to another player (like, can you give me come pork?), it will run the answer finding code. I don't know how fast this is, because I've never tested it with alot of questions. HOWEVER something like a ? before the phrase may be a possibility... good idea. Suggestions needed
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    You can also create a Permissions node like ask.bypass, which would be granted to normal / experienced players and then whom chat won't be tracked, and let your plugin track and answer anyother chat.

    Great idea no matter what !
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    How about a command with an editable output

    Like /moron and then ingame a broadcast is sent.. Please /ask QUESTION to find your answer.

    OR something like that?
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    Wait... are you joking?
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    AS an admin i hate typing out answers! and if i privately insult the asker by using the command /moron to spit out a generic message in response to the question, it helps me sleep at night.
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    Ok, I think I get it... someone goes How do you walk in this game? you type /idiot and it broadcasts Please use /ask to find the answer! Is that right?
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    Really Good !
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    Yes sir.
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    Ask v0.2a is officially released! Make sure to convert your files from v0.1a to v0.2a using the file converter!
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    Ok guys, Ask has converted to BukkitDev officially now. Please use the BukkitDev from now on.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    I would, but I can't upload my files to BukkitDev. The temp jar link I have now should be compatible anyways.
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    still working on /idiot?

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